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Qualone - Qualone

27-Jan-2006 01:01 am Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
Qualone - Qualone
10 Track CD
2004 Big Green Buzzard Music/Lucid Haze Records
[Speaker] Listen to Midnight Sunday [Speaker]
Enema Rating:
Qualone was formed in 2002, just about 30 years too late to really be on the cutting edge of hard rock. The first track Another Way starts out with the sounds of early Deep Purple and then moves quickly into Black Sabbath. When you hear the opening line "When you came passing by..." you'll swear you're listening to a lost track released by Ozzy himself.

The Ozzy comparison is hard not to make, but fortunately the vocal likeness isn't steady throughout the entire CD. And that's not to say that Qualone's music is unoriginal. It's not. Instead it's familiar, like some of the best 70's heavy metal or hard rock, but it also has it's own sound.

The CD starts with five well structured songs, then leads you through an instrumental called Thetan Stomp, eventually dropping you into an 8 minute psychedelic ride called Mushroom Flower. In addition to the strong Black Sabbath influence and the hints of Deep Purple, I hear some Alice Cooper, a little Pink Floyd, and even a tasty bite of 90's alternative rock. The tracks are laden with heavy riffs, classic rock drumming, and lyrics that support the music. The guitar solos are screaming and the drum fills are satisfying. After two listens, I had rated six of the ten songs three stars or higher in iTunes.

I think the issue for Qualone will be radio play. It's not that they suck, they really don't, it's just a marketing thing. Where exactly do they fit in? They're not classic rock because of the copyright date. They're straight-on hard rock and they need hard rock stations, which are a little harder to find... at least around these parts. But whether I'm right or wrong, this is exactly what the internet is for... learning and listening to independent artists. Qualone is located in GA, and I'm guessing that's a good headquarters for them to build a dedicated fan base. I'm certainly interested in hearing what they do next.

For now, though, put on your most trusted 70's rock concert t-shirt, grab a case of beer and a friend, head down into the basement, and turn the stereo up to 11. This CD is a strong debut effort and if you're in the right mind set, it will have you rocking hard 'till morning.


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Qualone - Qualone
Authored by: Anonymous on 17-Feb-2006 01:48 pm
Thanks for the nice review! Qualone will have a new CD out late summer/early fall. We have been unable to update our webpage recently but that should hopefully change soon. In the meantime, keep current with our goings-on (shows, etc) at our myspace page.


Qualone - Qualone
Authored by: Anonymous on 05-Apr-2011 04:42 am
Keep the music alive and keep on rockin'! I just remembered my college days, I study and working part time as a student loans facilitator and at night I please the crowd with our band's original music.
Qualone - Qualone
Authored by: Anonymous on 10-Apr-2011 10:12 pm
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