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The New Lows - THE FREE EP

06-Feb-2006 10:56 pm Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
The New Lows - THE FREE EP
6 Track CD
2005 the new lows
[Speaker] Listen to Weeknights [Speaker]
Enema Rating:
The New Lows say it all started six years ago, and since then they have released 2 full length CDs. More recently, in late 2005, they decided to release a new EP aptly named THE FREE EP because the entire six song EP is available free from their website (in good quality 192kbps MP3s). They must be doing this in an attempt to get their music out to a larger audience, and it seems be working; The New Lows have over 36,000 friends listed on their MySpace page. Although the last two-thirds of the EP sounds more like a demo tape, there is definitely some real promise in the first two tracks.

The New Lows fall easily into the "Indie Rock" category. Their sound and style is a little raw, playing catchy chords, rough vocals, and generally sounding like they're having a good time. There is a definite disconnect between the first two songs on the EP compared to the last four. The first two, The Thrill and Weeknights, are much more distinctive and have noticeably higher production quality. The music seems to have more thought behind it and the lead vocals have more presence. Both of these songs are immediately likable, although not overwhelmingly. With their catchy melodies, easy to take guitar chords, good mixture of drumming and bass, and Mike Levin putting everything he has into belting out the lyrics, they're definitely worth a few listens.

The last four tracks (Blue, Land, Newark, and The Lake) are a little more plain and reserved. They're also less interesting due in part to the Casio sounding drum-beats on a couple of them, and their more repetitive nature. At least Land could be used well in a concert set to showcase solos or for one or two members to wander off-stage for some sort of, uh, refreshment.

The enema rating below would've been higher if all six tracks were as good as The Thrill and Weeknights. Go download those tracks now - the price is right and you may find they start to grow on you. I'm hoping these two tracks are indicative of The New Lows' current direction, which could work well for them, assuming they get out there and continue to play live shows. Here's looking forward to a full-length, well produced CD that builds on the strength of these first two tracks.


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