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Broken Nose - goodBye prudeNce

11-Feb-2006 12:27 am Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
Broken Nose - goodBye prudeNce
8 Track CD
© 2005 Broken Nose
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Two things you need to know about Broken Nose: 1 - This CD made into my hands through my friend at Music Insight, it wasn't submitted directly to Pet Enema; and, 2 - I really don't want to be reviewing a lot of heavy metal or hard-core music like this. But despite this, after listening to the better portion of 8 songs, I decided to give Broken Nose a short review. The first noticeable thing about this CD is the incredibly cool packaging - Broken Nose put their music in round metal film canister-style CD holders. It looks great. But, like they always say, it's what's inside that counts...

Broken Nose reminds me of some heavy metal or hair metal bands that I'm not naturally drawn to. If I had to name names, I would pick Iron Maiden and Metallica, mixed with a little Nickelback in the lyrical department. The eight track CD is a bit of a tough listen for me, but if I was twenty years younger and considerably more angry and drunk (okay... just angry), I might really like screaming along with the first 7 tracks, and then crashing for the 8th tune which is the obligatory metal ballad track required to show that the band can actually play their instruments. And they can.

I can't say I fully appreciate the sharp guitar riffs or the big heavy metal vocals. I can't tell you that the super-fast machine gun drum fills didn't start to piss me off by the 4th track. And it would be incorrect for me to say that the lyrics are consistently interesting or relevant. But it is a completely fair and accurate statement to say that this Edmonton, Alberta based band is tight. On their latest CD of four, they push out fast, well-timed, powerhouse metal on a CD that sounds professionally produced. If you like whiskey inspired, sweat-driven, head-banging metal, you should give this band a listen.


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