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Arkells @ Sound Academy, Toronto (Photos and Review)

23-Jul-2009 06:00 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
Still Life Still, Ruby Coast
Sound Academy in Toronto, Ontario on July 17, 2009
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It was at the Death Cab For Cutie show at the Sound Academy in April that I ran into the members of the Arkells, and I remember saying to one of them "When you're headlining here, I want to be on stage with you, photographing the show", and there was some agreement we would do that. I really had no idea that day would come just three months later, with the Arkells headlining a Friday night show with nearly 2,000 people in attendance.


The Arkells have been away on tour recently, in both Canada and the U.S., presumably winning fans over where ever they played, but this means we haven't been able to see them in Southern Ontario as frequently as in the past. If the number of people that showed up to the show at the Sound Academy was any indication, I wasn't the only person in Toronto missing seeing the Arkells in concert more regularly.

Arkells  Arkells  Arkells

Arkells  Arkells

Aside from the late-night show they played at the Rivoli during CMW that included a full set of Motown music, I think this was the longest single set list I've seen them play through. It included all twelve songs from the debut album Jackson Square, a couple of new songs, as well as a cover of Tears Of A Clown. The band used the larger Sound Academy stage just as easily and comfortably as when they perform on the smaller stages of venues such as The Horseshoe and Rivoli, and from my vantage point, their performance appeared to elicit the same response from 2,000 people as it has for crowds of 200 – their show translates well to a bigger stage.

Arkells  Arkells  Arkells

Arkells  Arkells  Arkells

Like most great bands I get to see, it is the combination of the performance and the people at the show that make the night for me. I had an amazing time photographing and watching the band, and on top of that I ran into so many people that I have met through the past few years, all having a great time. It is times like these that remind me why it is I spend so much time doing what I do, so thanks to the Arkells for creating the music the do, I'm already looking forward to the next time.

Arkells  Arkells  Arkells

Info: Arkells | Connect: MySpace, Facebook, Twitter
Media: Oh, The Boss is Coming! (video), The Ballad of Hugo Chavez (video)

Still Life Still

Still Life Still is a recent addition to the Arts & Crafts label, which means they have a wealth of experience available to work with them, and although I haven't seen them before, either some of that experience has already been aborbed or they were just an excellent match for the label to begin with. Not sure which, but I was pretty impressed with what I saw of their stage show.

Still Life Still  Still Life Still  Still Life Still

Info & Connect: Still Life Still on MySpace, Facebook

Ruby Coast

I caught Ruby Coast for the first time when they opened for Plants And Animals in September 2008. For that show, they really worked the crowd and the music was strong, fun, and full. It was one of the better receptions I've ever seen an opening band receive. At the Sound Academy, they also opened the show, probably starting out playing to about 800 people or so with the crowd filling in during their set. It still sounded great, but the big stage wasn't quite as conducive to pulling in the crowd like they did at The Horseshoe. I'm not saying the crowd was ambivalent, not at all, it's just that they weren't freaking out like at The Horseshoe. Once again, I really liked what I heard and saw, and I'm thinking I should get out to see them play a show of their own one night.

Ruby Coast  Ruby Coast  Ruby Coast

Info: & Connect: Ruby Coast on MySpace, Facebook
Media: Neighbourhood (video)


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Arkells @ Sound Academy, Toronto (Photos and Review)
Authored by: Anonymous on 23-Jul-2009 11:35 pm
Arkells @ Sound Academy, Toronto (Photos and Review)
Authored by: Anonymous on 13-Aug-2009 12:48 am
Ya pete I think everyone had a great time at this show! It's always a pleasure running into you!
-Adam B
Arkells @ Sound Academy, Toronto (Photos and Review)
Authored by: Anonymous on 27-Dec-2009 12:32 am
thx pete such cool events!!
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