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Theory Of A Deadman, The Midway State, Stereos, and more @ The Artist Sanctuary, Toronto

03-Jul-2009 11:00 am Contributed by: pete Music News
Pat Kordyback (Stereos)
The Artist Sanctuary - Sunday
Hotel Le Germain Toronto, Ontario on June 21, 2009
Full Photo Set (24 photos)

Sometimes I wake up on Monday and wonder how I managed to get through the past few days without forgetting who I am. I was out on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for NXNE, and then spent some of Saturday at The Artist Sanctuary. I had to leave early on Saturday, but for a good reason: I had to get to a friend's all-night party that was taking place out of the city. And then when I returned to Toronto Sunday morning, I was back at The Artist Sanctuary. Who am I, and how did my life get to be this fun?

Stereos  Ben Dussault bench presses Liam Cormier (Cancer Bats)

Christine hosts the Nokia room  Jian Ghomeshi

Sunday at The Artist Sanctuary was a constant stream of familiar faces, both of people I've met, photographed on stage, or have seen on TV. I showed up late so when I got there Stereos were already doing a toned-down acoustic set on the Sirius stage (also known as "the corner"). Back upstairs, the Cancer Bats had arrived and Liam Cormier (vocals) was chatting with his friend Ben Dussault. The conversation took an odd turn, and before I knew it Ben was bench-pressing Liam (no kidding, see photographic proof).

Katie Clark (Underground Operations)  Jordan Francis (Camp Rock)

Sam Bradley  Spesh K  Traci Melchor & Chris Bosh

Lights and her manager Jian Ghomeshi arrived and while Lights was getting fitted for some jeans, I asked Jian if he's had a break from talking about his interview with Billy Bob Thornton. He said it's been pretty much non-stop (but admitted that, in a way, it's been good for him), so even though I would've loved to hear more straight from Jian himself, instead I asked him if he saw any performances during NXNE that really stood out. Among his short list was Deep Dark Woods.

Goodbye Beatdown  Goodbye Beatdown  Goodbye Beatdown

Said The Whale  Tyler Bancroft (Said The Whale)

Goodbye Beatdown played another set on Sunday... I think Dustin Overhill (vocals) was restraining himself slightly for the time of day and space provided yet still let his wild demeanour slip out a few times. Samantha Schultz, who performed on Saturday, did at least one semi-private performance during the day. I can't help but get drawn in when I watch her perform. So good that I'll be proud to say "I knew her when..." We also saw performances by Rebel Emergency, Spesh K, George Casey, and Said The Whale who managed to squeeze five people into the corner space for their performance.

Rebel Emergency  The Midway State

Daniel Victor (Neverending White Lights)  Theory Of A Deadman  George Casey

In the Sirius room, I watched an interview with two of the members of Theory Of A Deadman and while taking photos, I noticed one of them was wearing a shirt from The Parlor Mob. I've been listening to The Parlor Mob CD frequently since picking it up at after their excellent concert at Tattoo Rock Parlour. After the interview, we talked and I discovered that The Parlor Mob were going to be opening for Theory Of A Deadman on the upcoming Thursday (so now you know where I was on Thursday night).

The Johnstones  Joel Carriere (Dine Alone Records)

And there was more: Marianas Trench, Black Eyed Peas, The Midway State, Murder City Sparrows, Daniel Victor, The Johnstones, Protest The Hero, a few movie stars, TV personalities, sports personalities, and lots of music industry people. It all seems very normal while I'm there, meeting these people and taking photos, but watching those same people on TV arrive to crowds of screaming fans at the MMVAs emphasizes why Monday mornings can sometimes be disorienting.


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The Midway State, Stereos, and Lights shows - no ticket service charges
Authored by: Anonymous on 09-Oct-2009 01:56 pm
Here's a little public service announcement for Stereos & the Midway State and Lights fans:

They're all touring (not together) and you can get tix for their shows with no service charges from only that, but the tix come with access to the meet & greets with the bands. Seriously. It's not too good to be true (cheaper tix w/ an intro to the bands?). Check it out and see you at the show,

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