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Bend Sinister @ The Horseshoe (Photos and Review)

13-Mar-2009 05:00 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
Bend Sinister
Bend Sinister
The Horseshoe in Toronto, Ontario on March 10, 2009
Full Photo Set (11 photos)

The connection I have to Bend Sinister is that they were the first band I ever set out to photograph after purchasing my DSLR camera in June 2006. I had heard them on the CBC Radio 3 Podcast and liked what I heard. They were playing Nu Music Nite at The Horseshoe, so it was a good opportunity to try out my new camera due to the free entry and the generally camera-friendly nature of that night. Although I ended up photographing Pride Tiger first, it was actually Bend Sinister that took me there.

Bend Sinister  Bend Sinister

I will always have good memories of that night because it is partly responsible for sending me further down this path. I felt good about the images I managed to capture, but even more, I got to see some great Vancouver-based talent that I probably wouldn't have gone out to see otherwise. It's now been just under 3 years since I've seen them, and in the meantime they've released a new full-length album called Stories Of Brothers, Tales Of Lovers. They were back in Toronto about 2 years ago, but haven't been here since. Now back in Toronto for Canadian MusicFest '09, they booked three shows at three different venues, three days in a row. Even though I knew I had a heavy four days ahead of me due to the festival, they were playing The Horseshoe for another Nu Music Night and it just seemed appropriate for me to go.

Bend Sinister  Bend Sinister  Bend Sinister

And here's where it gets satisfying. When I saw them in 2006, I remember that the music was good, but their stage presence seemed a bit inexperienced, and their visual style was average. Now three years later, there have been a few line-up changes, and although lead Dan Moxon (vocals, keyboards) is still in a t-shirt and jeans there was a lot more style to the band overall and they had a stage presence that was significantly more solid. I really enjoy seeing bands evolve and refine. The changes are more than cosmetic: The band has stayed true to their original prog-rock musical vision, but the musicianship of the band as a whole has grown together well. Think Genesis vs. The Mars Volta with influences from Boston and Queen, and add in a strong dose of rock originality. I just purchased their new album now (like, just right now, from, and I'm looking forward to giving it a good listen.

Bend Sinister  Bend Sinister  Bend Sinister

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Media: The Same Things (video)


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