Blue October @ Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto (Photos and Review)

22-May-2009 01:00 am

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Blue October
Blue October
Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto, Ontario on May 19, 2009
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When it comes to movies, I'm pretty good at avoiding spoilers. I don't really pay attention to reviews, at least not reviews that give away the story. But when it comes to music, I spend a fair amount of time listening to CDs, investigating bands, reading reviews, and spending time out at concerts. But somehow I managed to accidentally avoid images or reviews of Blue October before going to their show, and although I didn't know what to expect, it wasn't what happened.

Blue October  Blue October  Blue October

First off, there was way more eyeliner than I had anticipated. Not a big surprise really, after all this is rock 'n' roll, but it just wasn't what I had pictured while listening to Into The Ocean or Overweight from their previous album Foiled. I guess I was just expecting a show of sincere rock, but instead what I got was a performance filled with emotions, accentuated actions, and theatrics that would not have seemed out of place in a rock opera. Now that I listen to the music again from a slightly different angle, I feel like a fool for not expecting a heavily theatric performance, but for some reason I just didn't.

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However, those theatrics, including the mood-synchronized lighting and heavy smoke machine usage, are likely appropriate for the seemingly large percentage of the audience who feel a strong connection to Justin Furstenfeld (vocals, guitar). He has been forthcoming about his battle with bipolar disorder, and certainly many of his lyrics are an expression of this battle. There is no doubt that Justin has worked through some of his issues with the assistance of his music. But during the concert, he projected a extremely positive attitude, talking mostly about things that have changed his life, including the birth of his daughter who inspired at least a few of the songs on their recently released album, Approaching Normal.

Blue October  Blue October  Blue October

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Media: Dirt Room (video), Into The Ocean (video)

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