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Caledonia @ Rancho Relaxo (Photos and Review)

25-Aug-2009 08:10 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
Rancho Relaxo in Toronto, Ontario on August 14, 2009
Full Photo Set (9 photos)

After being at the El Mocambo for the beginning of the night, I walked around the corner and headed upstairs at the Rancho Relaxo for Caledonia and their CD release party for We Are America.

Caledonia  Caledonia  Caledonia

Even without having heard anything from the new CD, the banner at the back of the stage explained a little bit about the title track and/or theme of the album; it was a combined Canadian and American flag with the Canadian red maple leaf flanked by two American blue stripes full of stars. The album has been getting loads of blog exposure, both on this side and South of the border, with lots of praise being given on both sides.

Caledonia  Caledonia  Caledonia

Being at the show and hearing the music for the first time, there were some songs that passed me by, but there were at least a few that stood up to be noticed... for a couple of different reasons. There was at least one song that seemed to bring all the best aspects of their variants of musical style into one semi-alt-country-indie-folk-rock composition. But the most memorable part was when they wandered off the path of one of their songs to allow their keyboard player to take the spotlight and mess around with a Theremin-like device built into one of his keyboards (as seen in the lead photo of this article).

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Caledonia @ Rancho Relaxo (Photos and Review)
Authored by: Anonymous on 25-Aug-2009 10:55 pm
played with these gentlemen a while back. the keyboard player stuck out as 'awesome' then too. nice pics pete!