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The 2009 CASBY Awards at Koolhaus, Toronto (Photos)

29-Oct-2009 07:40 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Photos

The CASBY Awards night is one of the big events of the year for the staff of 102.1. As compared to other awards shows I can sometimes be found at, The CASBY Awards is a bigger event, taking place at the Koolhaus with a capacity of about 2500 people. Two stages are run, with the main stage being used for full band performances, and the smaller side stage for solo (or near-solo) performances as well as handing out the awards. The line-up this year was pretty spectacular: illScarlett, Matthew Good, Mother Mother, Jay Malinowski (of Bedouin Soundclash), Arkells, The Stills, and a headlining performance by Metric.

The CASBY Awards

Spaced throughout the night, placed in between the performances, were the actual awards. There were four awards in all, with Metric being the big winner of the night by taking home two awards. In case you haven't already seen the results, the categories and winners were:

  • NXNE Favourite New Indie Release: Fantasies, Metric
  • Favourite New Artist: Arkells
  • Favourite New Album: Fantasies, Metric
  • Favourite New Single: Sleeping Sickness, City & Colour
Presenting the awards and filling in time between the awards and performances were the DJs from 102.1, including Dave Bookman, Josie Dye, Fearless Fred, and Dean Blundell. I had an absolutely amazing time, both during the event and at the afterparty. You can probably guess that I was happy to see Arkells take home the Favourite New Artist award, and it was great to see Metric win twice for their album Fantasies, it is well deserved. As part of one of the acceptance speeches, Emily Haines (vocals, keyboards) said "When The Edge plays your music, the world listens". Thanks to 102.1 for running the party, and congratulations to all the winners.

Josie Dye

Fearless Fred  Dean Blundell


illScarlett  illScarlett

illScarlett  illScarlett

Info: illScarlett | Connect: MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter

Matthew Good

Matthew Good  Matthew Good

Info: Matthew Good | Connect: MySpace, Facebook, Twitter

Mother Mother

Mother Mother  Mother Mother 

Mother Mother  Mother Mother 

Info: Mother Mother | Connect: MySpace, Facebook, Twitter

Jay Malinowski (of Bedouin Soundclash)

Jay Malinowski  Jay Malinowski  Jay Malinowski

Info: Bedouin Soundclash | Connect: MySpace, Facebook


Arkells  Arkells  Arkells

Info: Arkells | Connect: MySpace, Facebook, Twitter
Media: Oh, The Boss is Coming! (video), The Ballad of Hugo Chavez (video)

The Stills

The Stills  The Stills

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Metric  Metric

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