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C'mon, Pride Tiger @ The Horseshoe (Photos and Review)

08-May-2009 12:30 am Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
C'mon, Pride Tiger
The Horseshoe in Toronto, Ontario on May 1, 2009
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When I first started photographing bands, I went out to see a band called Bend Sinister (who I saw again recently), but before they took the stage, a band called Pride Tiger played, making them the very first band I photographed. They were one of those good surprises. Pair them with local producer and hard rock legend Ian Blurton with his band C'mon on a Friday? Okay.


I listened to C'mon a lot more in 2005 than I do now, but I still get a kick out of blasting Deliver Yr Desire or Too Bad For The Tin Man through my stereo, which is the same reason I caught up with them during NXNE 2007. That show was loud – like "this one goes up to 11" loud – so even though this concert was loud-loud, it wasn't unexpected. But what was unexpected was the mildly abusive attitude Ian Blurton (vocals, guitar) directed at the crowd.

C'mon  C'mon  C'mon

I think the problem was that there was a disconnect between the mental state of the fans and that of Blurton, who, between songs, thanked one of his friends for the exceptional hash brownies, twice. Most of that disconnect managed to get cleared up over the course of the set, but when asked "Why do you hate Toronto?" Blurton responded with "How many people here live at Queen and Bathurst?" There were a few cheers after which Blurton said "That's the reason". Huh?

C'mon  C'mon  C'mon

Despite any weirdness, the show rocked. Katie Lynn Campbell (bass) continues to be a hard-rock fantasy, and Dean Dallas Bentley (drums) is relentless toward his drum kit. C'mon is currently on a cross-Canada tour with Pride Tiger, playing in Montreal tonight and then heading back through Ontario and out West ending up in Surry, B.C.

C'mon  C'mon  C'mon

Info: C'mon | Connect: MySpace, Facebook
Media: Waste My Time (mp3), Safer When (mp3)

Pride Tiger

Pride Tiger is a Vancouver-based band, so we only get to see them in Toronto every now and then. Not too long after I photographed them in 2006, they signed a deal with EMI and then released their full-length debut album The Lucky Ones in 2007, an album that was nominated for Rock Album Of The Year in the 2008 Juno Awards. I still listen to that album, but it doesn't quite compare to seeing the band on stage.

Pride Tiger  Pride Tiger 

Part of the reason is because Matt Wood is both the drummer and vocalist, something that is reasonably rare, and is always impressive to watch. Wood is extremely animated and aggressive, which partly explains how he managed to bust his kick-pedal during the set. Although it is Wood that regularly draws your eye, both Sunny Dahk (guitar) and Bob Froese (guitar, keyboards, vocals) create a few rock moments of their own.

Pride Tiger  Pride Tiger 

The band played a set of almost all new songs, although they included Sweet Dreams, What It Is, and The Lucky Ones from their current album. I spoke to Matt briefly before the show, and it sounds like the plan is for them to take these new songs on tour, get them heard and at the same time tighten them up, and then get into the recording studio later in the year. I'm guessing we can expect to see another album from Pride Tiger out in early 2010.

Pride Tiger  Pride Tiger 

Info: Pride Tiger | Connect: MySpace
Media: The Lucky Ones (video)


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