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illScarlett, Down With Webster @ Sound Academy (Photos and Review)

22-Mar-2009 08:00 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
Canadian Music Week '09 - Friday
illScarlett, Down With Webster
Rebel Emergency, Stereos
Sound Academy in Toronto, Ontario on March 13, 2009
Full Photo Set (30 photos)

Friday night of Canadian Music Week (er, I mean Canadian MusicFest) felt like it had two distinct parts for me even though it was divided up between three venues. I started the night out at The MOD Club, then buzzed down to the Sound Academy for the illScarlett show (the major portion of my night), and then headed back up to the Rancho Relaxo. I'll cover The MOD Club and Rancho Relaxo separately. As I arrived at the Sound Academy, Gene Simmons was being swarmed by young women while the bright lights for the video cameras followed him around. Rumour was that he was there to see the opening band Stereos, but given how much he's be talking about Down With Webster, I had to think he was there to see them as well.


If I had to review each concert using just a single phrase, for this illScarlett show I would simply say: Out of control. There's no doubt that every illScarlett show is wild, but this one felt like the "Control" knob was set to -1. Crowd surfers didn't just come flying over the crowd one-by-one, they were coming in groups of two or three. And long-time friend/fan of the band, Ronan, was using his all-access pass to get on stage and then take running leaps, over the barricaded security section, and onto the crowd. It was insane.

In terms of the show, illScarlett played a bunch of their hits, opening the show with Nothing Special and closing with Mary Jane, but in between we were treated to a few of the new songs that they been working on recently. And during the encore they played a cover of Got Money by L'il Wayne. The boys seemed to be in prime shape with lots of jumps and other great moves amidst a plethora of special effects such at the blasts of illScarlett-green confetti that have become a feature of their shows. It was another amazing concert, filled with all the friends and fans I've come to know over the past two years through the band. Always wild, always fun.

illScarlett  illScarlett

illScarlett  illScarlett  illScarlett

illScarlett  illScarlett  illScarlett

illScarlett  illScarlett


Info: illScarlett | Connect: MySpace, Facebook
Media: Nothing Special (video), Who's Got It (video)

Down With Webster

Down With Webster just keeps getting better and better, and I'll go so far as to say this performance was unbelievable. They've been improving their show and creating new material that is the stuff great concerts are made of. I know this band has been working hard on their act for many years now (I still remember seeing them perform at The Beaches Jazz Festival about 6 or 7 years ago) and it is completely paying off. Between the performance and the music, they have all the artistic qualities they need to be huge, the real question now is if they can follow through on the business part. If so, though, I'm near positive these guys will be playing stadiums. They even have their own addictive language around the shows, life, and women, something you will pick up on if you join them on Facebook and/or MySpace. I'm not a big hip-hop fan, but these guys blend rock and hip-hop with an infectious show. It's huge. Small piece of trivia: If you take a look at one of my photos of Hail The Villain, you'll see the bassist has a Down With Webster sticker stuck under his strings.

Down With Webster  Down With Webster  Down With Webster

Down With Webster  Down With Webster

Down With Webster  Down With Webster  Down With Webster

Info: Down With Webster | Connect: MySpace

Rebel Emergency

Rebel Emergency  Rebel Emergency  Rebel Emergency

Info: Rebel Emergency | Connect: MySpace, Facebook


Stereos  Stereos

Info & Connect: Stereos on MySpace, Facebook


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illScarlett, Down With Webster @ Sound Academy (Photos and Review)
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illScarlett, Down With Webster @ Sound Academy (Photos and Review)
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