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Canadian Music Week: Picks

05-Mar-2008 01:13 am Contributed by: pete Music News

Rogers Wireless Canadian Music Week

The issue with festivals like Rogers MusicStore Canadian Music Week is that they are filled with conflicts when you are only one person. Or even two. The largest conflict this year is on Saturday when The Indies basically conflict with everything else. In a way, the presence of conflicts is good thing because it means there is just too much to see. My friend Tom and I have been doing some planning, and we're still not sure about our modus operandi, but we have made a number of picks. It will become extremely obvious why we can't possibly make it to all of these, but maybe you can make it to a few of the ones we don't. So, here are our picks for CMW.

Thursday, March 6th

  •   9:00 - Econoline Crush @ Tattoo Rock Parlour
  • 10:00 - 6ixty8ights @ Lee's Palace
  • 11:00 - Traffic Island @ Kathedral
  • 11:00 - Jason Collett @ Lee's Palace
  • 11:10 - Plants and Animals @ The Horseshoe
  • 11:20 - Meligrove Band @ The Supermarket
  • 12:00 - Besnard Lakes @ El Mocambo
  • 12:00 - Mark Berube and The Patriotic Few @ Holy Joe's
  • 12:00 - Rides Again @ Tattoo Rock Parlour
  • 12:20 - Sloan @ The Supermarket
  • 01:00 - Les Breastfeeders @ El Mocambo
  • 01:00 - Birds Of Wales @ Lee's Palace
Other good bets: Daniel Wesley @ Tattoo Rock Parlour, The Framework @ Rancho Relaxo, The Woodenelves @ Rancho Relaxo, Oh No Forest Fires @ The Horseshoe, Camouflage Nights @ Sneaky Dee's, and Chocolat @ El Mocambo.

Friday, March 7th

Other good bets: Hot Springs @ Sneaky Dee's, B & The North @ Cadillac Lounge, Raised By Swans @ Rancho Relaxo.

Saturday, March 8th

Saturday is a tough night to crack. I'm not sure how it's going to pan-out, but it looks like your best bet is The Horseshoe.
  •   7:00 - The Indies @ Royal York Hotel
  •   9:20 - Said The Whale @ The Horseshoe
  • 12:00 - The Marble Index @ El Mocambo
  • 12:10 - White Cowbell Oklahoma @ The Horseshoe
  • 01:00 - Beth In Battle Mode @ Rancho Relaxo
  • 02:00 - The Mark Inside @ The Silver Dollar

So, What Did We Miss?

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magneta lane
Tracked on 11-Mar-2008 05:18 am

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Canadian Music Week: Picks
Authored by: Anonymous on 05-Mar-2008 12:38 pm
Saturday -
Fox Jaws @ Rancho Relaxo 11pm
Cancel Winter @ Rancho Relaxo 12pm

Both will be stellar right before Beth in Battle mode at 1am!
Hope to see you out there,
Canadian Music Week: Picks
Authored by: Anonymous on 05-Mar-2008 07:45 pm
The Creepshow at the 'shoe on Saturday! See you at EC!
Canadian Music Week: Picks
Authored by: pete on 05-Mar-2008 11:58 pm
More than a few people sent me a message to point out that I missed:

Friday, March 7th
9:00 - Lindi Ortega @ Rivoli

I saw Lindi perform in 2007 as part of the Year Of The Monkey show and can vouch that she will very likely be a good bet.
Canadian Music Week: Picks
Authored by: pete on 06-Mar-2008 12:29 am
If you like hot women in leather rocking out (and really, who doesn't?), then another show worth mentioning is:

Saturday, March 8th
01:00 - Scarlett Sins @ Hard Rock Live

If classic hard rock is your thing (I grew up with it), then you might enjoy Frankie Whyte. I haven't see her perform yet, but someday I will. If you go, let me know how you like the show:

Friday, March 7th
12:00 - Frankie Whyte and the Dead Idols @ Rivoli
Canadian Music Week: Picks
Authored by: Anonymous on 06-Mar-2008 12:33 am
You missed...

Rebel Emergency @ Lee's on Friday
ADA @ Clintons on Friday

Canadian Music Week: Picks
Authored by: Anonymous on 06-Mar-2008 12:25 pm
illscarlett? wtf?
i guess i cant trust any of your other picks then...
Canadian Music Week: Picks
Authored by: pete on 07-Mar-2008 11:08 am
Heh heh. Yeah, I almost never cover illScarlett, so it must be a surprise to see that in my list.

Search for illScarlett on PETE NEMA

If you've never seen them on stage, you may be surprised. But, yeah, the thing about my picks is that they are mine. Well, and Tom's. And I'm definitely not always right. But, hey, I just love live music, so even a bad concert is better than watching reality TV, right?