Canadian Music Week: Picks

05-Mar-2008 01:13 am

Contributed by: pete

Rogers Wireless Canadian Music Week

The issue with festivals like Rogers MusicStore Canadian Music Week is that they are filled with conflicts when you are only one person. Or even two. The largest conflict this year is on Saturday when The Indies basically conflict with everything else. In a way, the presence of conflicts is good thing because it means there is just too much to see. My friend Tom and I have been doing some planning, and we're still not sure about our modus operandi, but we have made a number of picks. It will become extremely obvious why we can't possibly make it to all of these, but maybe you can make it to a few of the ones we don't. So, here are our picks for CMW.

Thursday, March 6th

Other good bets: Daniel Wesley @ Tattoo Rock Parlour, The Framework @ Rancho Relaxo, The Woodenelves @ Rancho Relaxo, Oh No Forest Fires @ The Horseshoe, Camouflage Nights @ Sneaky Dee's, and Chocolat @ El Mocambo.

Friday, March 7th

Other good bets: Hot Springs @ Sneaky Dee's, B & The North @ Cadillac Lounge, Raised By Swans @ Rancho Relaxo.

Saturday, March 8th

Saturday is a tough night to crack. I'm not sure how it's going to pan-out, but it looks like your best bet is The Horseshoe.

So, What Did We Miss?

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