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Hey Rosetta!, Young Galaxy, Two Hours Traffic, The Golden Dogs, Arkells @ CMW '09 Saturday (Photos and Review)

26-Mar-2009 11:00 am Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
Canadian Music Week '09 - Saturday
Hey Rosetta!, Young Galaxy, Two Hours Traffic,
The Golden Dogs, Arkells
Canadian Room, The Horseshoe, Rivoli in Toronto, Ontario on March 15, 2009
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Saturday night is generally the biggest night of Canadian Music Week, which also means the most conflicts. I didn't research the night that well, but for me the major conflicts were The Indies vs. Everything Else and Young Galaxy vs. Library Voices. For the first conflict, I decided I would start at The Indies, mostly to see Hey Rosetta! perform, but also just to say hello to a few people. I previously decided that I wouldn't stay, though, and wanted to go see Library Voices (I haven't seen them before, but am digging their EP Hunting Ghosts). However, since I wanted to be at The Horseshoe for a couple of other bands and always enjoy seeing Young Galaxy, well, that's where I ended up.

Hey Rosetta!

Opening The Indies was Hey Rosetta! playing a three song set. Not enough for them to really get going, but just enough for all the attendees to hear why fans like me are trying to get everyone they know to listen to this band. They weren't just there as performers, though, they were also nominated for two awards: Favourite Album and Favourite Artist/Band Website, both of which they won. It was no surprise to me that they won the Favourite Album award since just about everyone I know, including myself, who has heard that album thinks it's brilliant. I can't say their website made a huge impression on me, but I think the win just demonstrates the kind of love they're receiving these days. Listen to this band. You won't regret it.

Hey Rosetta!  Hey Rosetta! 

Info: Hey Rosetta! | Connect: MySpace, Facebook
Media: New Goodbye (mp3), I've Been Asleep For A Long, Long Time (mp3)

Young Galaxy

Catherine McCandless (vocals) and Stephen Ramsay (guitar, vocals) have been working on and recording new material for the past while, and although Stephen mentioned they have a new CD ready, it doesn't seem to be available yet and I can't seem to find the release date. They're on the Arts & Crafts label, so I'll keep my eyes open and let you know if I discover anything. The last time I saw them they were opening for Death Cab For Cutie and the new material they played then sounded amazing on the big stage. This performance was similar, although they played even more new material, and again a few of the new songs sounded great on first listen. In addition to the new material, I was happy to hear a couple of my past favourites such at Swing Your Heartache.

Young Galaxy  Young Galaxy

Young Galaxy  Young Galaxy  Young Galaxy

Info: Young Galaxy | Connect: MySpace, Facebook
Media: Long Live The Fallen World (mp3)

Two Hours Traffic

I gave up my spot at the stage after Young Galaxy to go to the washroom and refill my drink, and along the way stopped to chat with a few people. By the time I started to (try to) make my way back to the stage, Two Hours Traffic was already playing and the fans were packed in tight. I carefully tried to navigate my way close to the front, but people weren't having it, so I just backed up near a wall and enjoyed the show from afar. Every now and then, I could get a clear view of Liam Corcoran (vocals, guitar) and would snap a photo. Their 2008 album Little Jabs was produced by Joel Plaskett, which was a good selection to help them with their happy East-coast songs. There was definitely some singing-along to their catchy song Nighthawks.

Two Hours Traffic  Two Hours Traffic

Info: Two Hours Traffic | Connect: MySpace, Facebook
Media: Nighthawks (mp3, video)

The Golden Dogs

I saw The Golden Dogs along with Zeus back in February during their month long residency at The Dakota Tavern, and was looking forward to seeing them perform again at The Horseshoe. Don't get me wrong, they put on a fun performance at The Dakota, but they always put on a killer performance when they play The Horseshoe. Similar to Young Galaxy, they played quite a bit of new material. It's a tough gig playing new material because fans don't know and love the songs yet, but that didn't hold back Dave Azzolini (vocals, guitar), Jessica Grassia (keyboards, vocals) or Taylor Knox (drums) from putting on a sweat filled performance. Always a good time, and now I'm looking forward to hearing the studio versions of their new songs.

The Golden Dogs  The Golden Dogs

The Golden Dogs  The Golden Dogs  The Golden Dogs

Info: The Golden Dogs | Connect: MySpace
Media: Never Meant Any Harm (mp3, video)


I was pretty excited to discover that the Arkells were playing a previously unannounced late-night set at the Rivoli. It was during CMW '08 that I discovered the Arkells, and so closing out CMW '09 with the Arkells just seemed like a good idea. Once The Golden Dogs were off-stage, my friend Tom and I chatted over a beer at The Horseshoe, but then shifted slightly East to the Rivoli. Guestlist or not, the venue was at capacity, and no one was being let in, so Tom and I waited in line. Fortunately for us, it wasn't too long before I was spotted in line and we were pulled into the venue.

Arkells Arkells

Inside, Joel from Dine Alone Records was spinning some Motown music to warm up the room. The crowd was filled with people who were somehow associated with the band. The Arkells were scheduled to start around 2am, but I don't think they actually took the stage until about 2:20am. I don't know how many times I can say this, but the Arkells put on one of those shows that is everything I'm looking for in a concert. They were having fun, we were having fun, the music is amazing, the fans were singing along, and the band gave it their all. After a good length set of their own material, they started into a sequence of covers of Motown hits all played with their own slant. People were going wild and one woman behind me couldn't stop herself from jumping up on stage, grabbing a mic, and singing along with the band. After a short break, they came back out and played an encore that turned out to be another set all its own. I had an amazing time, not just because of the band and the great music, but also because all of the great people in the audience. I didn't get to bed until 5am that night, but it was, without a doubt, the best way I could think of to end a five day binge of music, friends, and great times.

Arkells  Arkells  Arkells

After Canadian Music Week, the Arkells headed down to Austin and played a few shows during SXSW. All reports say they completely annihilated it there. Then they made their way to New York for a show on Tuesday, March 24th. And now, as I write this, they're heading out to Vancouver to play two shows: On Friday March 27th at the WestJet Street Party, 700 block of Granville St. and on Saturday March 28th at The Roxy, 932 Granville St. See you there?

Arkells  Arkells

Info & Connect: Arkells on MySpace, Facebook
Media: Oh The Boss Is Coming! (video)


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Hey Rosetta!, Young Galaxy, Two Hours Traffic, The Golden Dogs, Arkells @ CMW '09 Saturday (Photos and Review)
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Hey Rosetta!, Young Galaxy, Two Hours Traffic, The Golden Dogs, Arkells @ CMW '09 Saturday (Photos and Review)
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