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Our Lady Peace, Inward Eye, Hail The Villain, & More @ CMW '09 Thursday (Photos and Review)

21-Mar-2009 11:00 am Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews

Thursday night for Canadian MusicFest '09 was set out for me because I (happily) agreed to work for Coalition Entertainment photographing their entire showcase at the Rivoli. On one hand, it meant missing The Details, a band from Winnipeg that I've been hoping to see for a long time now. But on the other hand, it meant getting to see and photograph Our Lady Peace (billed as a Special Guest) up close and personal in a venue that holds maximum 200 people.

Our Lady Peace

A few days before the show, Our Lady Peace announced on their website that they were going to be the special guest performing in the midnight slot at the Rivoli. The news spread quickly between fans and even Chart published a web article announcing the leak, at which point I was sure OLP was going to cause general mayhem both inside and outside the Rivoli. Over the course of the first few bands, it wasn't difficult to distinguish who was arriving to see the preceding act Hail The Villian or the following act Inward Eye from those that were coming to see Our Lady Peace. The crowd ended up being an odd mixture of dedicated fans and people who had no idea who the special guest was going to be.

Our Lady Peace  Our Lady Peace  Our Lady Peace

As the band prepared to take the stage, you could just feel the excitment. Physically. People started to push forward, and even a short struggle between two women erupted behind me as they vied with each other over standing space. With the lights turned nearly all the way down, the band took the stage and once the songs started, the crowd immediately started singing along. By the time the band played Superman's Dead, the crowd was so loud that it equaled the volume of the sound system. The set included two new songs that both sounded great. Raine Maida (vocals, guitar) is definitely the center of attention, but I was really impressed with the rest of the band. Having never seen Our Lady Peace perform, aside from on the street Busking For Change, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but expecting anything other than an incredible live band would've been foolish. There's a reason there was so much excitment that night, and they proved they were worthy of it.

Our Lady Peace  Our Lady Peace

Info: Our Lady Peace | Connect: MySpace, Facebook

Inward Eye

Even though the room itself breathed a sigh of relief as a portion of the crowd left after Our Lady Peace, it was too bad those people didn't stick around to see Inward Eye. The band is made up of three brothers, and together they have such an amazing energy level that it was no problem for them to follow OLP. On top of that, their new material is strong. Really strong. And the delivery is incredible. I saw Inward Eye two nights in a row, and both times got completely sucked into the hyperactive show. With only three people on stage, there's more to see than from some bands twice their size. Kyle (guitar, vocals) appears to have been inspired by the on stage action of Pete Townsend, and plays like a season professional. Anders (drums) doesn't just provide the beat, he delivers his own drumming show occassionally standing up while playing out of sheer excitment to be there. And Dave (vocals, bass) delivers the vocals amidst a storm of sweat. Time to pick up their recently released EP... I'm sold.

Inward Eye  Inward Eye

Inward Eye  Inward Eye  Inward Eye

Info: Inward Eye | Connect: MySpace, Facebook

Hail The Villian

Hail The Villain hails from Oshawa, and frontman Bryan Couch is a wildman. They had the spot just before Our Lady Peace, and even though Couch insisted that the crowd was mostly there to see OLP, it was clear there were a number of people up at the front there just to see Hail The Villain. When Couch wasn't tearing up the vocal parts, he would pose, stomp, smirk, and taunt the crowd. It was visual ride from start to finish, and it made their set feel too short. The marketability of this act will not go under-utilized since they've recently been signed by Warner.

Hail The Villain  Hail The Villain

Hail The Villain  Hail The Villain  Hail The Villain

Info: Hail The Villain | Connect: MySpace, Facebook


Incura  Incura

Incura  Incura  Incura

Info: Incura | Connect: MySpace, Facebook

Afternoon Zero

Afternoon Zero  Afternoon Zero  Afternoon Zero

Info: Afternoon Zero | Connect: MySpace, Facebook

Cure Gravity

Cure Gravity  Cure Gravity

Cure Gravity 

Info: Cure Gravity | Connect: MySpace


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Our Lady Peace, Inward Eye, Hail The Villain, & More @ CMW '09 Thursday (Photos and Review)
Authored by: Anonymous on 01-Sep-2010 03:03 pm
Our Lady Piece.. cool. As always, awesome pics.. your photos make the rock live.. :) Lavadora de Alta Pressão | Cafeteira Expresso