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Danny Michel

03-Dec-2006 06:59 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
Danny Michel
November 30, 2006
The Mod Club in Toronto, Ontario
Review and Photos by: Pete Nema

Full photo set: Danny Michel (18 photos)

Danny Michel is a Canadian singer / songwriter with seven albums to his credit that span the years from 1997 to present. On top of that, he was nominated for a Juno award in 2004 for his album Tales Of The Invisible Man. Based on the number of guests musicians he brought onto the stage at The Mod Club on November 30th, he appears to not only be well known in the Canadian music industry, but also well liked by many Canadian musicians. I'm guessing his easy-going and amiable disposition is not just for the stage, and could be the reason for his well positioned career.

Getting Ready To Finish A Song
The Right Note
A Little Lap Style Slide Guitar

Danny started out the night by letting us know that the show was being videotaped for a DVD. There were at least three video cameras, two on the floor and one on the stage, to record the entire show. The plan is to blend the footage captured at this show with footage from a previous recording to create one full-length and guest filled show on DVD (that I'm looking forward to seeing). And when I say "guest filled", I mean it. Danny brought a number of guests out onto the stage over the duration of the evening, so many that I had trouble keeping track, but they included Andy Stochansky, Lindy, as well as the opening act Erin Mckeown. There were many others that I can not remember the names of, but all of them provided their own unique style to the show. In fact, there were so many that Danny commented it was starting to feel a bit like a "roast or something", but none of the guests were there to roast him... in fact, quite the opposite.

Terence Gowan On Keyboards And Accordion
Pulling It For The Finish
Lindy - One Of Many Guests

His music varies - some songs have full band support, some with only one (or two) supporting musicians, and solo work. He seems to have the ability to write easy-to-absorb pop rock songs, many of which are fairly mellow. More than a few songs exhibit similar song structures or vocal patterns, but the combination of his lyrics with his sincere and emotive voice seems to appeal to to a certain type on fan. In a possibly unrelated note, there was a large proportion of female attendees near the front of the stage.

The Mod Club Has Great Lighting
And Then... Danny's Head Exploded.
Beautiful Nothing, Except The Sound Of My Shutter (Sorry, Danny)

The Toronto Star recently wrote "By this point, singer/songwriter Danny Michel must be a bit weary of being ranked as one of this country's undiscovered musical treasures". I went to the show unfamiliar with all but one of Danny's songs, a testament to my ignorance of his career thus far. However, like you might expect, I was almost completely alone in my ignorance because there were quite a few songs that I could hear people singing along to. After seeing him on stage, I refuse to live in ignorance of his music any longer. I will be picking up at least a couple of CDs from his back catalogue, as well as his latest and highly rated effort for this year: Valhalla.

Danny has been in the business a long time and has a dedicated but still fairly niche group of listeners. I'll bet that each time he plays (and, oh man, he plays a lot) he grows his fan base just a little more. No, I may not become as dedicated a fan as the people in attendance that night, but I certainly will be following his moves from now on, so I don't think it's unfair to say that during this show he grew his fan base by at least one more person: me.


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