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14-Feb-2007 10:30 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
February 12, 2007
Lee's Palace in Toronto, Ontario
Photos by: Pete Nema

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Midlake is a five piece band out of Texas that was formed by a group of music school students. Their first full-length CD, Bamnan and Silvercork, was released in 2004 with album art that is based on a short film this team made together early on. Throughout the show on Monday night, playing to a sold out crowd at Lee's Palace, the band projected images on a screen behind them while they played, including the aforementioned short film during their live performance of Some Of Them Were Superstitious, one of the musical and visual highlights of the night.

The Only Clear View I Had - Tim Smith
Eric Pulido Takes Tim's Spot For One Song
Paul Alexander In The Background

Surrounded by banks of keyboards and electronic equipment, the stage was setup like a musical fortress, making it difficult for fans near the front to get a good view of the band. In fact, there were three keyboard banks with a variety of distortion pedals placed on top flanking the front and side of the stage. I think the only band member that didn't touch a keyboard was the drummer. But if you're familiar with Midlake's music, the presence of this amount of equipment, as well as the relatively blocked view of the performers, may not come as a big surprise. This band is all about the timing and creation of sounds, and although their performance did have some moments of passion, the concert was mostly subdued and focused on creating a strong auditory experience, backed up by the projected images.

Fiddling With The Knobs
The Three-Handed Keyboard Player
Banks Of Keyboards

For one song, two of the members sat together at the keyboard stack (that was bathed in almost complete darkness) and collaborated. As the night went on, there was the sense that their set was coming to and end, at which point a fan in the audience called out "Don't stop, keep going!" In response, Tim Smith (vocals, keyboards, guitar) looked out at the audience and said "This is our last one... but you know how it works". So, after one more song, they left the stage to quickly refresh before returning to play a two-song encore. Yes, that's how it works, and it works well.


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