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CBC Radio 3 - See Vous Play

03-Oct-2006 07:40 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
CBC Radio 3 - See Vous Play
October 1, 2006
Koolhaus in Toronto, Ontario
Review and Photos by: Pete Nema

Full photo set: See Vous Play

To celebrate International Music Day, CBC Radio 3 decided to host a free concert in Toronto featuring four Canadian artists, with equal English and French representation - just like our cereal boxes. It was a major event including video cameras to tape the entire event, held at the Koolhaus which has a capacity of about 3000 people.

8:00 PM - Les Breastfeeders

If you were there, you already know what I'm going to say about Les Breastfeeders. Admit it. Okay, I'll say it: The stage show for Les Breastfeeders is all about the tambourine player. Seriously. It's actually quite difficult to look at anyone else, he just draws your eye (and camera). Initially dressed in torn dancing pants and a fur vest with no shirt, a path was cleared for him to bounce around between the drums and the rest of the performers. He generally cavorted around the stage, jumping, bounding about, skipping, and eventually removed his furry vest. His name is Johnny, and we will not forget him.

It's All About Johnny
Looking Away From Johnny
It's Impossible Not To Watch

9:15 PM - Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton

Emily Haines is the lead singer for the Canadian band Metric, and is also a part-time member of Broken Social Scene. Recently, she released a solo album entitled Knives Don't Have Your Back. She has an alluring voice, is masterful on the piano, and on top of all that, she has beautiful facial features. Accompanying her was a band of brass and strings that were left idle for much of her time on the stage. Haines' solo work is extremely mellow, and likely very personal, and as a result I didn't connect to it as much as I had expected. I enjoyed the opening song entitled Our Hell, and although I really enjoyed just watching her for the rest of the set, I can't say the remaining performance was overly memorable. I still haven't seen Metric perform, but would love to see her in that context sometime.

Emily Haines
Emily On Piano
She Even Looks Good Singing

10:30 PM - Les Trois Accords

Les Trois Accords, a band from Drummondville, Quebec was on next. There were at least a couple of fans in the audience as I noticed two women singing along with some of the songs. At one point, the lead singer announced, in English, that they had "a new song", that it was "a rock song", and that it went "like this". He then proceeded to play one note and yell "Bah". After a short pause, he concluded with "Thank you!" Yes, it was a short song, but appreciated by the crowd. They topped off their set with simultaneous kazooing.

Pierre-Luc Boisvert
Les Trois Accords

11:40 PM - The Joel Plaskett Emergency

Joel Plaskett was one of the co-founders of the band Thrush Hermitt and they played together until 1999. He is now the lead of The Joel Plaskett Emergency, a band getting some good attention in the Canadian indie rock scene. He's created some remarkable songs, including Down At The Kyber and more recently the small town anthem I Love This Town. Plaskett is genuinely personable and engaging on stage.

Bend It Like Plaskett
Joel Moves So Freely
Listening To His Heart

Although the crowd had thinned somewhat after Emily Haines left the stage, partially because it was Sunday night and partially because Joel Plaskett may still be less well known than is deserved, a good portion of the remaining audience knew his stuff and could be heard singing along to more than a few songs.

The "Guitar Solo Shuffle"
Tim Brennan on Bass


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