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The Last True Gentlemen

20-Aug-2006 06:55 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
The Last True Gentlemen
August 18, 2006
Lee's Palace in Toronto, Ontario
Photos (and words) by: Pete Nema

Full photo set: The Last True Gentlemen
Andrew's searing hot fingers

Having just reviewed The Last True Gentlemen's recently released EP, I decided to drop by Lee's Palace on Friday to check out their live show. I'll keep this short since I just wrote about them. Other than a few dedicated fans or friends, the people that filled only less than half of Lee's Palace started out fairly cold toward the band. But everyone was listening, and the trio of players turned it on.

Andrew starts the show
Ron backs it up with bass and vocals
Andrew on the guitar

Friendly faces were obviously visible from the stage as Andrew quickly acknowledged a few of the people who had come out to support their band. After about 4 songs, some skilled guitar, piano, and vocals by Andrew and an seriously amazing display of drumming by Mark, the crowd really warmed up and starting cheering like they meant it.

Belting it out on the piano
Andrew acknowledges a friend
Mark steals the spotlight

For the last song they performed Haven't You Heard, which is my favorite track off of their EP. For the final guitar solo, Andrew's fingers were moving so fast that my friends and I were joking that he must have a rare neurological disorder. This performance brought a group of people out onto the floor who shouted for an encore (which, due to the tight schedule, they were not permitted to play).

Mark showing off a bit
Fingers moving this fast may be...
...indicative of a neurological disorder.

Listen to 102.1 The Edge on Saturday, September 2nd to hear The Last True Gentlemen perform as part of the Steam Whistle Indie Club.


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