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The May Bees and The Holy Fields

07-Nov-2006 09:35 am Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
The May Bees and The Holy Fields
November 2, 2006
The Rivoli in Toronto, Ontario
Review and Photos by: Pete Nema

Full photo set: The May Bees (9 photos)

If you think it's tough being a Canadian band and trying to make it in the North American market, try being a Dutch band and doing the same. Then add in having your bass player leave the tour, and you'll understand why musicians require so much dedication. Speaking with Greg Orange (lead vocals, guitar) before the The May Bees' took the stage, it's clear he's able to take it all in stride. He adapts and continues, and enjoys what he does.


The May Bees are really Greg Orange and Marzj (drums). At The Rivoli, the bass was played by their band manager who was able to learn and rehearse eight songs during the day before the show. Greg thanked The Rivoli for letting them use the stage there to rehearse during the day. When he spoke on stage, he sounded humbled by the days events, but when he was playing he seemed to lose himself in the music. Out of the eight songs, the most memorable was Black Queen, not entirely because of the music, but also because when Greg introduced it he indicated that it was a song about Opera Winfrey - not your typical subject for an Alternative band. But it worked.


When Greg and I were talking before the show, we covered a number of music-based topics and discovered that we had common favourite bands, similar ideas about file sharing, and related to music in the same way. I got the impression that he's a really down-to-Earth musician, just in it because it's what he has to do. Visit The May Bees website to learn more about them, and while you're there have a listen to their latest EP on The May Bees Music Player.

Also playing at The Rivoli was The Holy Fields. Their music is influenced by bands such as Weezer, and the lead singer has a voice like Joel Plaskett. Perhaps I'll run into them again sometime. Until then, I'm keeping track of them on MySpace.



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