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Emm Gryner

03-Jun-2007 09:11 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Photos
Emm Gryner
First Canadian Place in Toronto, Ontario Emm Gryner April 25, 2007
Photos by: Pete Nema Full Photo Set (4 photos)

Back in April, Emm Gryner played a short lunchtime concert at the waterfall stage in the First Canadian Place office tower to help promote her latest album, The Summer of High Hopes. I took a short break from my day job to get out and take a few photos. As I've mentioned, there is an ancient proverb that says, roughly translated: You can never have too many photographs of Emm Gryner. Too right.

Emm Gryner
Emm Gryner
Emm Gryner


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Emm Gryner
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