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New Release: Evanescence / The Open Door

13-Oct-2006 07:10 pm Contributed by: pete Music News
With so much music out there, sometimes I'm amazed when music I really like becomes popular. But then there's all the other times when music that just doesn't stroke me the right way becomes a worldwide sensation. What I'm saying is that just because I'm personally indifferent to the songs on The Open Door by Evanescense (released on October 3rd), my indifference is irrelavent here. This is a skilled band with a female lead that can really belt out the notes. Their first major label debut album, Fallen, sold over 14 million copies and was certified gold or platinum in 35 countries. And although you're not going to see me playing this CD over and over, I completely understand what's going on. So after listening to The Open Door, I'm convinced Evanescence is headed toward alt-rock-goth world domination.


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