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Free Music: Three Albums Worth Downloading

02-Oct-2009 07:40 pm Contributed by: pete Music News


There always seems to be some free music available on the intertubes, but this past week has been particularly free. I've received more emails in the last seven days offering free music than in the past three months. Here are three free selections in three different styles that are worth downloading. Enjoy.

  1. Hostage Life - Centre of the Universe [Punk Pop]
    • Remember Hostage Life? It's been three years since they released Walking Papers, but you will probably remember This Song Was Written By Committee, a song I still love to listen to every now and then.
  2. Crush Luther - Some People Have No Good To Give [Pop Rock]
    • This album is only free until October 13th, so if you're going to download it get it now. The free download is 128kbps, but they also offer a pay-what-you-can 320kbps version. If you can afford it, maybe throw the boys a fiver for their effort.
  3. The Rest - W.O.W. EP [Indie Rock]
    • This EP is a precursor to The Rest's Oct 12th full-length album release, Everyone All At Once, available through Rough Trade. Hints of Grizzly Bear and Arcade Fire, I suppose.


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Free Music: Three Albums Worth Downloading
Authored by: Anonymous on 03-Oct-2009 03:58 pm
hey thanks for the heads up on the free downloads! like one, not sure about the other and still downloading another! thanks!