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Hey Rosetta! @ Lee's Palace (Photos and Review)

29-Apr-2009 01:00 am Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
Hey Rosetta!
Hey Rosetta!
Brent Randall & His Pinecones, Clothes Make the Man
Lee's Palace in Toronto, Ontario on April 24, 2009
Full Photo Set (23 photos)

I'll start out like this: Hey Rosetta! is one of Canada's best bands right now, confirming that the Canadian music industry is something the world should care about. Their concerts have the power to change the way you listen to their music, altered by the feeling the band projects, the conviction of their performance, the strength of their musicianship, and the way the band and their fans fuse together over the course of the show.

Hey Rosetta!

If you're a regular reader of my blog (and I still find it hard to believe anyone falls into that category), you might have noticed that in the opening paragraph I plagiarized my own article about Hey Rosetta! from November 2008. The reason for this self-plagiarism is that I felt much the same way about this concert as I did about that show at The Horseshoe. And I ranked The Horseshoe concert in spot #2 of my Top 10 Concerts of 2008.

There were a few situational differences, though. One being that I had a number of friends out in the audience this time, most of which hadn't seen Hey Rosetta! before. And if you're like me, you're probably the kind of person that wants your friends to share the love for music you've discovered. Maybe you even want them to like it so much, that you become a little concerned about whether they are enjoying the show. I became particularly concerned about this during the gentle start to the set, forgetting that the style of Tim Baker (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and the band is to build it up over the course of the night. It's actually a common attribute of great concerts that I've seen by bands such as Okkervil River, Wintersleep, and The Frames. With the music as the catalyst, there's a melding of the band and the audience that occurs, which continually strengthens the performance, causing new peaks to be hit regularly. A number of people there were experiencing Hey Rosetta! for the first time that night, and when I was able to take my eyes away from the stage, I could see a crowd full of people buzzing from a musically-induced high. My concerns were clearly a waste of time.

I still find myself listening to their 2008 album Into Your Lungs regularly. When I hear it, I don't really hear the recording anymore, I hear the concert. Songs like Handshake The Gangster with it's powerful finish are heightened in my mind with the memory of their performances. I'm not sure when Hey Rosetta! will be in Toronto next, but when that date arises, not only should you be there, but be sure to buy your tickets early (Lee's Palace was completely sold-out).

Hey Rosetta!  Hey Rosetta!

Hey Rosetta!  Hey Rosetta!  Hey Rosetta!

Hey Rosetta!  Hey Rosetta!  Hey Rosetta!

Hey Rosetta!  Hey Rosetta!

Info: Hey Rosetta! | Connect: MySpace, Facebook
Media: New Goodbye (mp3), I've Been Asleep For A Long, Long Time (mp3)

Clothes Make the Man

Although Friday night was really all about Hey Rosetta!, I thought Clothes Make The Man did a really decent job opening the night. Part of the reason I liked them was because they reminded me a bit of a cross between Attack In Black and Whitby-based band The Mark Inside. Turns out that Clothes Make The Man will be playing Edgefest '09 on Saturday June 20th, but if you're looking for something a little more in-your-face, check them out on Friday, June 19th at The Hideout.

Clothes Make the Man 

Clothes Make the Man  Clothes Make the Man  Clothes Make the Man

Info: Clothes Make The Man | Connect: MySpace, Facebook
Media: WMD (mp3), Singles Only (mp3)

Brent Randall & His Pinecones

Brent Randall & His Pinecones  Brent Randall & His Pinecones  Brent Randall & His Pinecones

Info: Brent Randall & His Pinecones | Connect: MySpace, Facebook


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Hey Rosetta! @ Lee's Palace (Photos and Review)
Authored by: Anonymous on 29-Apr-2009 05:07 pm
Hey Rosetta!!

trabalhar em equipe
Hey Rosetta! @ Lee's Palace (Photos and Review)
Authored by: Anonymous on 06-May-2009 09:33 am
wicked pics! once again you're serving me regret and excitement!! wish I was there!!
Hey Rosetta! @ Lee's Palace (Photos and Review)
Authored by: Anonymous on 03-Mar-2011 12:55 pm
At Lee’s on Friday, his passionate rock songs – fuelled by emotion and poetry – grew and swelled, retreated and quieted down, and expanded again in just the right doses to make the sold-out crowd completely ecstatic. semi formal dresses