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Concert Review: Make Your Exit, Gypsophilia, After The Weather

30-Oct-2008 08:00 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
Hi-Hat Recordings Compilation #2
Make Your Exit, Gypsophilia, After The Weather
Rancho Relaxo in Toronto, Ontario on October 24, 2008
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Hi-Hat Recordings is a Toronto-based independent record label and Dan Wolovick, who is the promoter for the Rancho Relaxo, has recently taken over general operations of the label as well. To generate interest in their roster, a second compilation CD was put together and released (the first one was released a while ago). I'm not sure how excited people get about compilation CDs, especially when they are produced for marketing purposes, but there's a twist to this one... all the CDs come in a one-of-a-kind CD case created by one of many contributors that hand-make them during an "art party". It's a cool idea. To celebrate, five bands played over the course of the evening, although I was only there for three of them: After The Weather, Gypsophilia, and Make Your Exit.

After The Weather

Warming me up for the night was After The Weather, a band from that hot-bed of music, Montreal. It was a good performance, with the wild-edge being provided by Rob on bass, who ran through a repertoire of crazy expressions all in the name of music. The three-piece had some decent moments of rocking out, with a short interlude of a song played by Jay (drums), who moved forward to sing and play guitar.

After The Weather  After The Weather  After The Weather

After The Weather  After The Weather

Info: After The Weather | Connect: MySpace, Facebook


Halifax-based Gypsophilia plays instrumental music that is a blend of jazz, folk-rock, and European gypsy music. With seven performers crammed onto Rancho's small stage, they were both physically and musically tight. Certainly not the rock or alternative that I'm used to, but they put on a face-scrunching performance that made me feel like I was off traveling in a foreign country, for a bit.

Gypsophilia  Gypsophilia  Gypsophilia

Gypsophilia  Gypsophilia 

Info: Gypsophilia | Connect: MySpace

Make Your Exit

For me, the headliner of the night was Make Your Exit. They've got a young, independent sound with a few nice ideas forming the basis for their songs and they crafted their set well. They started out acoustic, playing softer thoughtful rock, but progressed to a stronger electric finish. I was up at the front taking photos for the acoustic portion and then moved back to have a beer and enjoy the music, which worked out well since there ended up being a small scuffle at the front later in the set.

Make Your Exit  Make Your Exit  Make Your Exit

Make Your Exit  Make Your Exit 

Info: Make Your Exit | Connect: MySpace, Facebook


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