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Hollerado Releases "Record In A Bag" as a Free Download

25-Jan-2009 10:00 pm Contributed by: pete Music News

Following the naming pattern of the Demo In A Bag series of CDs, Hollerado has now released a full-length album entitled Record In A Bag, and they have made it available for free download. This is music that is well worth paying for, so I recommend going to download it for free now while you can. Aside from including the incredibly catchy Americanarama (a song that I have trouble not listening to on repeat), there are more than a few other tracks that are entirely appropriate for pre-party warm ups or when everyone ends up at your place after the bar closes.

The album can be downloaded from the Hollerado website, or from the link below.

Oh, and check out their February tour schedule. At first I thought it was just an odd joke, but they've got the same schedule posted on their Facebook group and MySpace page, so I guess they seriously intend to do that. Each week of February has the same schedule: Sundays are Boston, Mondays are New York, Tuesdays are Lacolle, Wednesdays are Hamilton, Thursdays are Toronto, Fridays are Ottawa, and Saturdays are Montreal. Repeat four times. Insane. Get out to see them in Toronto at Sneaky Dee's on Feb 5th, 12th, 19th or 26th.

Info: Hollerado | Connect: MySpace
Media: Record In A Bag (zip), Americanarama (video)


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