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Concert Photos: illScarlett @ The Opera House

30-Dec-2008 01:00 am Contributed by: pete Concert Photos
Saint Alvia, Dodger
The Opera House in Toronto, Ontario on December 19, 2008
Full Photo Set (24 photos)

For the second year in a row, illScarlett has been my final concert of the year, and back in 2006 it was my second last show. Looking back, it's amazing that the show in 2006 turned into such a long relationship. I had actually gone to that show to photograph Hostage Life and ended up sticking around for illScarlett as well. I still remember that show quite well... how crazy the crowd was, how many people were up on side-stage, and just how the band surprised me with their live performance.


So fast forward about two years: I've seen illScarlett perform many times over, and even though not all the shows stand out in my mind, there are a few that were extremely memorable for me. Last year, illScarlett performed twice in the same night, with the late show being one of their strongest performances I've seen to date. And this summer, they performed in front of 10,000+ people while opening for Avril Lavigne, which was memorable simply due to the size of the show and the freedom I was given to get some unique photos.

For this year's holiday concert, the band was probably still on a high from the night before when business partners, friends, and family got together to celebrate the fact that their debut full-length album, All Day With It, went gold. Even though I'm sure the band members were a little tired (like their photographer), they were their usual high energy selves and the show was similar to last year with lots of special effects and good on stage energy, although with a few less high jumps. For the encore, the band brought out members of the opening bands to join in on a cover of Here Comes The Hotstepper (originally by Ini Kamoze). I always have good times with this band, their friends, and fans, so the two nights I spent with them was a really great way to wrap up my schedule for this year.

illScarlett  illScarlett  illScarlett

illScarlett  illScarlett

illScarlett  illScarlett

illScarlett  illScarlett  illScarlett

Info: illScarlett | Connect: MySpace, Facebook
Media: Nothing Special (video), Who's Got It (video)

Saint Alvia

Always fun, always good music, and always changing it up, Saint Alvia was a great addition to the line-up. Nice guys who always put on an entertaining show.

Saint Alvia  Saint Alvia

Saint Alvia  Saint Alvia  Saint Alvia

Info: Saint Alvia | Connect: MySpace, Facebook
Media: Don't Want To Wait Forever (video)


Although I didn't get to see the entire set by Dodger, I know that (for at least part of it) Swav Pior of illScarlett was out in the audience watching the show, and he seemed pretty into what these guys were producing.

Dodger  Dodger 

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Media: Like To Get To Know You (mp3)


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