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Jets Overhead @ The Horseshoe, Toronto (Photos and Review)

23-Jun-2009 12:00 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
Jets Overhead Jets Overhead
Jets Overhead
The Last True Gentlemen, The Evelyn Room
The Horseshoe in Toronto, Ontario on June 9, 2009
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Before I climbed onto the White Cowbell Oklahoma mobile party bus and got lost in the fun that was NXNE, I went out on a Tuesday to The Horseshoe to catch Jets Overhead, but also to see what The Last True Gentlemen were up to, and hear The Evelyn Room for the first time. Tuesdays are always free at The Horseshoe, thanks to Bookie from 102.1, so it's always a good night to hang out and snap some photos.

Jets Overhead

The Horseshoe was filled-in pretty thick for a Tuesday night for the Jets Overhead time slot. I had been looking forward to seeing this Vancouver-based band perform again given that the only time I had seen them was back during NXNE '06. I'm a big fan of their 2005 album, Bridges, and when I heard they were releasing the long-overdue follow-up, No Nations, I knew it meant they would make their way out to Toronto again. The set consisted of eight of the ten songs from the new album, including the title track. Before the concert, I had only heard the title track, so it was the first time I had heard all of the other seven songs.

Jets Overhead  Jets Overhead  Jets Overhead

The set opener, It's a Funny Thing, sounded great on first listen, as did the set closer (and album opener) I Should Be Born. I picked up the new album at the show, and although I haven't quite made the same emotional connection to it as I did to Bridges, I find myself listening to it here and there, each time finding something else in the music that interests me. Their style of melodic, mellow rock with male/female harmonies is good accompaniment to kicking around the house on a weekend.

Jets Overhead Jets Overhead  Jets Overhead 

Jets Overhead is still offering Bridges for free download from the Jets Overhead website (click on "Music" in the menu bar). I'm not sure if that will continue indefinitely, so I recommend going to download it now, just in case. Give it a listen, and if you like what you hear, invest in their new album No Nations.

Info: Jets Overhead | Connect: MySpace, Facebook, Twitter
Media: This Way (mp3), Seems So Far (video)

The Last True Gentlemen

It's been a while since I've been out to see The Last True Gentlemen. Andrew Clark (vocals, guitar, piano) is still out doing what he does best, which is creating 70's inspired rock with wicked guitar licks and melodic piano. The band had free CDs to give out and, at the request of people in the audience, Andrew threw them Frisbee style into the crowd. It was great to see Mark Ansara back on the drum kit, but given the berating he received for diving into his drum kit last time at The Horseshoe, I was surprised he was allowed back into the venue to play. At the end of the set, he stood up to play the last few beats and faked the motion to dive into the kit again, in what I assumed was sort of an inside joke for those that were there the last time.

The Last True Gentlemen  The Last True Gentlemen  The Last True Gentlemen

The Last True Gentlemen  The Last True Gentlemen  The Last True Gentlemen

Info & Connect: The Last True Gentlemen on MySpace, Facebook
Media: Haven't You Heard (mp3)

The Evelyn Room

I purposely stuck around The Horseshoe until the last set to see The Evelyn Room play. Brad Fillatre (vocals, guitar) is active in the music community and although I see him regularly in various venues, it good to finally see him on stage doing what he loves. At points, their music reminded me of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BMRC), so I wasn't surprised to see BMRC in their list of influences on MySpace. For two songs, Bianca Oran (guitar, vocals) joined them on stage to play two songs that had a distinctly different feel to them.

The Evelyn Room  The Evelyn Room 

The Evelyn Room  The Evelyn Room  The Evelyn Room

Info: The Evelyn Room | Connect: MySpace, Facebook


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Jets Overhead @ The Horseshoe, Toronto (Photos and Review)
Authored by: Anonymous on 27-Jan-2011 04:28 pm
Great video guys! Can't wait to see you live at the Macpherson Theatre on Feb 9th in Victoria BC!! Get tix, these guys are awesome!!! leotards