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13-Nov-2008 09:00 pm

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Kings Of Leon
Kings Of Leon
Koolhaus in Toronto on November 7, 2008
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Since the beginning of this century, Kings Of Leon have been creating music, but they've been together much longer than that simply because the band is comprised of three brothers and a first cousin. They released their first album in 2003, but when I look back, it was actually April 2005 that I first added their music to my collection, not too long after the release of their second album Aha Shake Heartbreak, their album that remained my favourite until this September when they released Only By The Night.

Kings Of Leon  Kings Of Leon

Given that this four-piece band is so closely related, they all have the same last name: Followill. The band itself is a reference to their heritage, reportedly named after the three brothers' father and common grandfather who were both named Leon. Although they're obviously living the rock 'n' roll lifestyle these days, they spent their childhood travelling the Southern U.S. with their preacher father. Aside from the religious aspect, their travelling childhood probably prepared them well for being on the road as a band. Over the past three years I've seen them go from reasonably obscure to well known, at least in Toronto. Caleb Followill (vocals, guitar) mentioned that they felt their hard work was finally starting to pay off, and added a sincere thanks to their fans for that.

Kings Of Leon  Kings Of Leon  Kings Of Leon

The band passed through Toronto back in June 2007 after the release of the album, Because Of The Times. The show was good, but I recall it taking them a few songs to really warm up. At that time, they had three albums of material to choose from, and they picked a diverse selection for their set. Now adding the songs from Only By The Night to their repertoire, the album that I now consider their strongest, it would've been difficult for the show not to be amazing. And since the set list was heavily weighted toward both Only By The Night and Aha Shake Heartbreak, it all came together brilliantly, much more so than the show last year. They played an 18 song set followed by a 4 song encore, closing out the the proper set with Slow Night, So Long, a song that seemed appropriately named for the last song, but really wasn't since it wasn't a slow night, and they had yet to say so long. After coming back on stage to play Knocked Up, Manhattan, and Charmer, they closed out the night with Black Thumbnail.

Kings Of Leon  Kings Of Leon

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