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Make Your Exit, Michou @ Rancho Relaxo (Photos and Review)

06-Feb-2009 07:15 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
Make Your Exit
Make Your Exit, Michou
Rancho Relaxo in Toronto, Ontario on January 30, 2009
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Even though I don't get out to the Rancho Relaxo as often as I'd like, when I do go, it's good to see that the music community there continues to thrive. The place was packed front to back with lovers of independent music, including members of at least two additional bands that were not performing that night. It's the kind of environment that encourages bands like Windsor-based Michou to come play in Toronto, and helps bands like Make Your Exit transform from a group "with a few nice ideas" (as I previosuly wrote) into a surprisingly awesome indie-rock band.

Make Your Exit

It's not every night that you enjoy all the bands on the bill and to top it off, Make Your Exit proved they have come a long way in a short period of time. The show I saw in October 2008 was definitely good, but at the Rancho last Friday it all came together in such a way that it flipped that switch in my brain. The good switch. The visible change was the addition of a few more players, which I'm sure partly contributed to improvement in sound, but it was more than that. The performance had that flavour of a band that has gelled. Looking forward to seeing them again sometime.

Make Your Exit  Make Your Exit  Make Your Exit

Make Your Exit  Make Your Exit

Make Your Exit  Make Your Exit  Make Your Exit

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I tend to like it when bands fit atypical instruments into rock music, and Michou incorporates some of that into their folk-rock, including the use of a trumpet, xylophone, and most noticeably, a box-like percussion instrument call a kahon that adds a fairly unique undercurrent to their music. Michael Hargreaves (vocals, guitar) has a voice that occasionally reminds me of Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab For Cutie), partly due to the melodic patterns, but still has a sound all his own. Definitely a good performance, and at least of few of their songs were catchy on first listen. I picked up a copy of their new CD entitled Myshkin and it's a really good listen. Michou is touring Ontario in March and then out East in April, check their MySpace page for dates.

Michou  Michou

Michou  Michou  Michou

Info & Connect: Michou on MySpace, Facebook
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Reminding me of early Pink Floyd (but post-Barrett) quite heavily at points, Voila pulled out some amazing instrumental compositions including some intricate and excellent guitar work.

Voila  Voila

Voila  Voila  Voila

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Make Your Exit, Michou @ Rancho Relaxo (Photos and Review)
Authored by: Anonymous on 08-Feb-2009 02:50 am
Awesome photoshoot Pete. I really like the Viola photo where he's playing the violin like a slide guitar.
Make Your Exit, Michou @ Rancho Relaxo (Photos and Review)
Authored by: pete on 08-Feb-2009 02:57 am
Thanks Alex.