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Tacoma Redd - A Momentary Misfortune

08-Aug-2006 07:14 pm Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
6 Track CD
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Tacoma Redd is a hard working Toronto-based band that is getting good exposure by playing live shows in support of their recently released 6-track EP entitled A Momentary Misfortune. It's a title that stands out, and for whatever reason, agrees with me. Perhaps it's because the title reminds me of Pink Floyd's album A Momentary Lapse Of Reason. And the EP has some good pedigree having been produced by Moe Berg from The Pursuit of Happiness. But despite the interesting title, the strong producer, and even a few of moments of musical finesse, the music on this EP rarely surpasses average. The last track on the EP, Keep The Light On, is the only track that seems to stand out and go beyond the ordinary.

The melodies and song structures are all pretty basic so the end result is that most of the songs are innocuous. Tacoma Redd shares some of the vocal style and musical composition as some of their influences, such as AFI, but unlike the bands that influence them, the tracks on this EP just seem to lack that difficult-to-define extra quality that makes music catchy. It's not that the musicians are sloppy or amateurish, that's not really the case at all; it's more that the sum of the parts does not add up to something greater.

If Keep The Light On is somehow representative of their stage work, then local Toronto fans of AFI or Descendents (or other hardcore bands) might want to step out and see Tacoma Redd live. I say this because if you search the internet you'll see that their live shows are receiving good reviews for being extremely high-energy, and it's possible that the versions of these songs seriously rock when played on stage. Perhaps the issue here is that the EP doesn't quite capture their on-stage presence, but it's hard for me to say.

Give Keep The Light On a listen to determine if this music falls into your listening habits, and if so, show some support by getting out to see them live or purchasing the EP. The band members seem to have both drive and determination, so perhaps once the current batch of songs gets played out, the next batch will be created with the same skill but will contain that little something extra I need to get pulled into their realm.


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