Skytone / Echoes In All Directions

06-Jan-2007 01:09 am

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9 Track CD
Label: The Beautiful Music
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Skytone is effectively two brothers, Rodney and Darius Doddridge, based out of Canada's capital city Ottawa. Playing a variety of instruments and even sharing the vocals, they've crafted an acoustically driven album with nine melodic alt-pop tunes in the vein of Shack or the Wondermints, and share some musical affinity with The High Dials.

Unlike many albums, Echoes In All Directions seems to get stronger the further into it you get. The first track, Lindberg, is a chord-based upbeat guitar piece with catchy vocals and slightly anthemic electric guitar. It's a solid and pleasant enough song, and sets the pace for the next four tunes that all exhibit similar qualities. But just when you think you've heard everything Skytone has to offer, The New York Song starts up with it's 60's Argent-style opening bass/guitar riff and then fills in with sturdy vocals and smooth guitar picking. It's a song that could be used to carry an entire album, but with Echoes In All Directions the best is yet to come in very next track, entitled String Of Pearls. Pearls also has a bit of a 60's feel to it, but it is so catchy that it took many days to extricate it from my head. (Damn, now it's running through my head again).

Skytone adds to an area of my music collection where there is still plenty of room, and at least two songs will be finding their way into some of my current playlists. In fact, I realize it's only January now and we're not even past the worst of winter, but I've already got plans for the first hot day of summer. It involves me lounging in the sun, with a cold beverage in hand, a smile on my face, and Skytone playing in the background.

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