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The Last True Gentlemen / EP

28-Jul-2006 03:30 pm Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
5 Track CD
Copyright © 2006 The Last True Gentlemen
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The Last True Gentlemen (TLTG) is a three piece Toronto-based band that has been playing together for over two years now. In June they released a self-titled, 5 track EP consisting of studio recorded rock music to pull some attention toward their band, and mostly likely to use as a tool to shop around for a record contract. Taken as a whole, this EP shows influences of 90's Alternative Rock, a hint of late 60's rock, a dose of jam-band, and contains at least four catchy, almost familiar melodies.

The members of TLTG are not out to recreate any of the music that they grew up with; instead they pulling some of the best aspects from all these influences, merging them together, and then playing the results like true musicians. The first track, Trials and Tribulations, has a piano track that immediately reminded me of Ben Folds Five, but when I listened a little deeper to the underlying sounds, I couldn't help but be reminded of very early Jethro Tull (specifically the song With You There to Help Me from Tull's 1970 release Benefit). The mixture generates just under 4 minutes of melodic and pleasurable rock music.

Compared to the first song, the second track Nanaimo, is even a little more upbeat, but contains lyrics that are similarly introspective. Like you might find in compositions from a jam-band such as Phish, this song contains some fairly serious rocking out - a trait that is also present in the fourth track, Haven't You Heard. The recording and mixing for these two songs is such that I can almost visualize their stage performance. The third track, Keeping The Faded Side Out, is a song seeded with piano chords and the remainder is all about the melody. And the final track, Straight and Narrow, is the mellowest of the bunch; it's easy to take but not as interesting as the other 4 songs and unfortunately contains a few lazy lyrics such as "You’re so sweet and your love is so fine".

The band members Andrew, Ron, and Mark sound like they belong together, and that may be partially due to the noticeably good recording quality for a self-produced EP. This CD is really just an appetizer, long enough to give you a taste, but short enough to drive you to want a little more. And for the immediate future, it looks like that "more" is going to have to come through live performances. Get out to see them if you can - based on the 4 very worthwhile tracks on this EP, I don't think you'll be disappointed. According to TLTG MySpace Page, their next public appearance will be at Lee's Palace on August 18th and then they'll be at 102.1 The Edge Studios for the Steam Whistle Indie Club. Watch the TLTG website and MySpace page for updates.


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