NXNE '09 Opening Night w/ White Cowbell Oklahoma (Photos)

19-Jun-2009 06:30 pm

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White Cowbell Oklahoma
NXNE '09 Opening Night w/ White Cowbell Oklahoma
All over Toronto, Ontario on June 17, 2009
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NXNE '09 kicked off with an Opening Party at The Berkeley Church, but the event of the night, the one that everyone was talking about the next day, was the Arts & Crafts opening night showcase at The Courthouse. The Special Guest turned out to be (fairly predictably) Broken Social Scene, but the unpredictable part was that Feist joined in the show.

Saidah Baba Talibah  NXNE Opening Party

NXNE Opening Party  NXNE Opening Party

NXNE Opening Party - Josie Dye  NXNE Opening Party

I started the night at the opening party for bit, examining the exhibit of skulls that were designed by tattoo artists, and also had a few beverages. I was thinking of trying to get into the Arts & Crafts showcase and catch BSS, but my contact within the venue txt'ed me, saying: "They've closed off the media list. It's a zoo at the door." Okay well, so much for that idea. Instead, I left the party to head to The Drake, but once outside I got intercepted by the men of White Cowbell Oklahoma and invited onto their Bombardero-Mobile vehicle.

White Cowbell Oklahoma  White Cowbell Oklahoma

White Cowbell Oklahoma  White Cowbell Oklahoma

Inside the vehicle, the band members conducted series of Jägermeister experiments on me, after which we were en route. To where, I had no idea, but we ended up at the Amsterdam Brewery where Vice Magazine was holding a party. The place was packed and the band on stage was a bizarre mixture of punk and gospel. I think.

Amsterdam Brewery  Gospel Punk?

Back on the bus for a short ride, we ended up at The Drake minutes before Woodhands was due to take the stage, but the basement there was already at capacity (not a big surprise given that it's a fairly small venue). The WCO Bombardero-Mobile had pushed off, and it seemed like a good time to call it a night and get some sleep in preparation for Thursday night.

Outside The Drake  Outside The Drake

White Cowbell Oklahoma played the Kathedral Thursday night at 1 AM as the secret headliner for the Exclaim!/Underground Operations night.

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