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NXNE 2008: Opening Party

16-Jun-2008 03:00 pm Contributed by: pete Music News
Monte Forte
The Palais Royale in Toronto, Ontario
Photos: Pete Nema
NXNE Opening Party June 11, 2008
Full Photo Set (6 photos)

NXNE is officially over now, which means it's time for me to go back and, using the power of digital photography, figure out what happened to me during the past four days. From what I can tell, it all started back on Wednesday night with the NXNE Opening Party. Moe Berg, formally of The Pursuit of Happiness, and his band Monte Forte entertained the party with a series of cover songs. And although the majority of people were out on the huge deck enjoying the beautiful and cool evening, the audio was being pumped through speakers outside along with video of the performance on a big screen TV.

Monte Forte
Monte Forte
Monte Forte

Here are two selected photos from the actual party. There were a few more photos that I considered including, but ultimately decided they didn't need to be seen. I'll just say these two words, and let you imagine the rest: Fruit salad (as in the opposite of a pressed ham).

Anyway, the photo on the left is of James Hayward, drummer for The Vibrants. The entire band was a lot of fun to be with at the party. They played the El Mocambo at 10 PM on Thursday, and although I included them in my Other Good Bets section of my NXNE Picks, I didn't manage to see them play that night. I heard it was a good set, so check them out. I think I'll try to get out and photograph them next time they're in Toronto. The other photo includes Diane Foy (on the right) who runs Skylar Entertainment.

The Vibrants
Skylar Entertainment

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