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Pete's NXNE Picks

09-Jun-2008 12:00 pm Contributed by: pete Music News

This is the week of NXNE, where Toronto is host to an amazing variety of independent music and music-related films, from both Canada and abroad. This year, they've added a bunch of outdoor performances, including a whole pile of free shows at Yonge-Dundas Square, as well as more NXNE Extra shows with bands like My Morning Jacket, illScarlett, and Rough Trade. I've been doing some rough planning, but still haven't really figured out exactly where I'm going to end up.

If you're thinking of getting out more than one night, or planning on hopping from venue to venue, the NXNE wristband is the way to go. Or if you've got some money burning a hole in your pocket, the new NXNE VIP Super Pass allows you to pre-book 10 shows. Either way, a great tool for making plans is MyNXNE, a site where you can check out the entire band schedule, make picks, and then print out your own personalized schedule.

Although I'm sure I'm missing some great stuff, here is the list of my picks after a first pass over the band schedule:

Thursday, June 12th

  •   8:00 PM - The New Odds @ Yonge Dundas Square
  •   8:00 PM - Ted Leo and the Pharmacists @ The Mod Club
  •   9:00 PM - Sloan @ The Mod Club
  • 10:00 PM - Danielle Duval @ C'est What
  • 10:00 PM - Cancel Winter @ Supermarket
  • 11:00 PM - Amos The Transparent @ Supermarket
  • 11:00 PM - Birds Of Wales @ Black Bull
  • 12:00 AM - People In Planes @ Reverb
  • 12:00 AM - The New Odds @ El Mocambo Down
  • 12:00 AM - Two Hours Traffic @ Rivoli
  •   1:00 AM - Mixylodian @ Holy Joe's
  •   1:00 AM - Major Maker @ El Mocambo Down
Other good bets: The Vibrants @ El Mocambo Down (10 PM), Melissa McClelland @ Dakota Tavern (11 PM), The Beautiful Unknown @ Hard Rock Cafe (12 AM), Flash Lightnin' @ The Horseshoe (1 AM)

Friday, June 13th

Other good bets: Lindi Ortega @ The Mod Club (7 PM), Songs From A Room @ El Mocambo Up (9 PM), The Red Light Riot @ Hard Rock Cafe (9 PM), Great Lake Swimmers @ Reverb (10 PM), The Framework @ Kathedral (12 AM), Hot Springs @ Sneaky Dee's (1 AM), Swervedriver @ Lee's Palace (1 AM)

Saturday, June 14th

  • 10:00 PM - Spiral Beach @ The Horseshoe
  • 11:00 PM - Said The Whale @ Rivoli
  • 11:00 PM - Run With The Kittens @ Holy Joe's
  • 12:00 AM - Revival Dear @ Cadillac Lounge
  • 12:00 AM - The 6ixty 8ights @ The Hideout
  •   1:00 AM - Entire Cities @ Cadillac Lounge
  •   1:00 AM - Tin Bangs @ Kathedral
  •   1:00 AM - Magneta Lane @ Rivoli
  •   2:00 AM - Ladyhawk @ The Horseshoe
  •   2:00 AM - Black Diamond Bay (Krief) @ El Mocambo (Down)
  •   3:00 AM - The Schomberg Fair @ The Silver Dollar
Other good bets: Matt Mays & El Torpedo @ The Horseshoe (12 AM), Brant Bjork @ Bovine Sex Club (2 AM), KAKKMADDAFAKKA @ El Mocambo (9 PM), Sneaky Dee's (2 AM)

I'd love to hear what you've got planned! Leave a comment. (Remember that my image-verification-thing is case sensitive.)


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Pete's NXNE Picks
Authored by: Anonymous on 09-Jun-2008 01:27 pm
Ou I think we'll be running into each other a lot this week! Not sure if I'll be taking a lot of photos myself but we'll see

Pete's NXNE Picks
Authored by: Anonymous on 10-Jun-2008 03:13 am
Bah! So many choices, and all too often it's 4 bands I want to see all on at the same time. I'm probably gonna stick with bands I know and love... though I could just as easily see bands I have never heard of.
Enjoy your NxNE, and maybe see you at a show (or two, or three...).