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Polaris Music Prize 2007

24-Sep-2007 11:50 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
Polaris Music Prize
The Phoenix in Toronto, Ontario
Photos and Story by: Pete Nema
Polaris Music Prize Winner:
Patrick Watson
September 24, 2007
Full Photo Set (11 photos)

The winner of the 2007 Polaris Music Prize of $20,000 is: Patrick Watson, with his album Close To Paradise. On accepting the award, Watson said that after watching all the performances, he had hoped that Chad VanGaalen would win, but, of course, Watson was unable to watch his own performance. After I watched the six performances from the ten nominations, I had hoped Patrick Watson was going to win. So when the announcement was made, I cheered. It was an uneducated on-the-spot decision on my part, but not likely on the part of the judges. A satisfying win.

Polaris Music Prize
Polaris Music Prize
Polaris Music Prize

There to announce the award was last year's winner, Final Fantasy. After receiving the prize, Watson told us that he received a $16,000 bill from Budget Rent-a-Car earlier today because they crashed their rental van. Grant Lawrence who hosted the awards, quipped that $4,000 profit from the award isn't too bad. There was some stiff competition for the award this year: Arcade Fire, Feist, The Dears, The Besnard Lakes, Julie Dorion, Junior Boys, Miracle Fortress, Joel Plaskett, and Chad VanGaalen. Aside from Patrick Watson, performances were made by The Besnard Lakes, Joel Plaskett, Chad VanGaalen, Julie Dorion (with Eric's Trip), and Miracle Fortress.

Polaris Music Prize
Polaris Music Prize
Polaris Music Prize

It's always good to see Joel Plaskett play, and tonight was no exception. I've wanted to see Chad VanGaalen perform ever since I heard his first album Infiniheart, and his two-song performance was a good teaser. Chad has a funny streak, in addition to a few humouous comments, he interrupted his own introduction by running a slice of pizza up and down his guitar. The Besnard Lakes were pretty amazing as well, a close runner-up for me. I'm looking forward to getting out to photograph a show of theirs sometime.

Polaris Music Prize
Polaris Music Prize
Polaris Music Prize

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