Quick Shot Reviews: Last American Buffalo, Canadians, We Tigers

07-Feb-2008 07:23 pm

Contributed by: pete

I've been totally neglecting the CDs that have come across my desk recently. But there definitely a few worth pulling out from the stack and letting you know about. In this volume: Last American Buffalo, Canadians, and We Tigers .

Last American Buffalo / Marquis For The Debutante

With a band name that sounds rooted in country music and an album name that screams pretentious experimental, it's a bit of a surprise when this album by Last American Buffalo opens with a clean indie-rock song, Breaking Up Mine, that has some affinity to Spoon. There's actually a few different influences exposed as the album progresses, including, yes, some mild shades of country music in the song Pistol, and some brilliant classic-rock in my favourite track She's Alright. Other great songs include Fön and Dance Class For Madame. Put it all together and this is one of the better submissions I've received in a while. I've been listening to this CD fairly regularly, and so I'm now hoping that this L.A.-based band will make it Toronto for a show sometime.

Info: Last American Buffalo | Connect: MySpace | Available on eMusic.com
Canadians / A Sky With No Stars

The band name Canadians may seem a bit obvious, but not for a group hailing from Verona, Italy. Perhaps it's an attempt to target a specific country of music lovers? Or maybe it's just taking the dislocated band name, such as Tokyo Police Club (local Canadian band) or Architecture in Helsinki (from Australia), to the extreme. But it may also be a bid to wash away any preconceived ideas about their sound. All the songs by this band of 5 Italians are sung in English, although with a slightly odd yet endearing accent, all with a musical sound that has been appropriately described as Weezer meets The Beach Boys, with multiple references to the latter in the lyrics. Probably the best place to start is with Out Of Order, but other defining tracks are Summer Teenage Girl and the title track A Sky With No Stars.

Info: Canadians | Connect: MySpace | Available on eMusic.com
We Tigers / Rivals EP

Listening to the Rivals EP by Brooklyn-based We Tigers, I get the sense that this band would be excellent in concert. Between the garage-style recording and the true passion in the vocals and guitar, the music emanates the spirit of rock and roll. And judging by the fact that when We Tigers submitted their CD for review they also included some live photos, this is probably something they've been told before. There's influences from Lou Reed that go as far back as when he played with The Velvet Underground, with the vocals stepping through the music. The instrumentation often builds to a big crescendo of wailing guitar and pounding drums. I'm guessing that this is the kind of band that wins fans by the sheer force of their gigs. If they ever play in Toronto, I'll report back and confirm/deny that statement.

Info: We Tigers | Connect: MySpace | Available on eMusic.com

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