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Quick Shot Reviews: Chris Corbell, Fishing For Comets, Nick Danger And The Danger City Rebels, Far From Shore

19-Dec-2006 11:45 pm Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
Welcome to the first volume of Quick Shot Reviews. There's a lot of music out there that is being made to be heard, and the idea behind Quick Shot Reviews is to provide short reviews on music that is worth knowing about. Hopefully they'll give you a taste of what to expect, and if the description interests you, you'll check out the band further.

In this volume: Chris Corbell, Fishing For Comets, Nick Danger And The Danger City Rebels, and Far From Shore.

Chris Corbell / Star Like A Swallow

Yes, his last name is very close to "cowbell" and that makes makes me feel obligated to say: I've got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell. Also, Chris Corbell is only one character away from Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave), but you won't confuse their music. What lies on this 6 track EP is a skillfully stroked acoustic guitar with enticing vocals and the occasional backing sound for depth. Start with the title track.

Purchase | Info: Chris Corbell | Connect: MySpace
Fishing For Comets / Scattered Among The Archipelago

From Dallas, Fishing for Comets produces happy folk pop music. The lyrics are filled with both metaphors and similes, and the vocals are sung beautifully by Camille Cortinas (vocals, guitar). Based on melodic acoustical sounds, the songs also contain hip keyboards and the occasional brass instrument. Pleasing, easy-going pop. Best track: Lydia

Purchase | Info: Fishing For Comets | Connect: MySpace
Nick Danger And The Danger City Rebels / Escape From Danger City

With a photo of a 60's car on the beach for the cover, this six song EP looks like retro-surf. Which isn't a bad way to head into this CD. Elvis Costello may provide some influence here as do other bands from the 60's and 70's, both musically and lyrically, but there's more... Mexican style brass on Sweetheart Again, the rockabilly sound of Eldorado, and the Bowie-esque melody of the last and best track of the CD Homecoming Queen. Six songs to keep your interest.

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Far From Shore / Wazo

From Montreal, Far From Shore crafts indie rock with more than a few hooks - proven by the very first track, Laced. Noah pulls out some catchy guitar riffs, played to interesting enough drums and bass. But unfortunately the vocals become a little awkward as the album progresses through the 10 tracks, and many of the lyrics contain a strong religious slant to them. Still, there's some listening potential here - start with Laced, available on their MySpace page.

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