Quick Shot Reviews: DJ For Hire, The Nyquist Frequency, Peeler, Perkinswood

15-Jan-2007 11:25 pm

Contributed by: pete

As always, the purpose of Quick Shot Reviews is bring your attention to some independent music that I think is worth knowing about. For volume #2, I've included four CDs that have four different styles (even though it's fair to say they all fall into the same high level genre). In this volume:

DJ For Hire / DJ For Hire

I came across DJ For Hire on MySpace and got hooked on their track Whoopdeedo. Now, a few months later, DJ For Hire has released their first full length album. Take one part Pavement, one part Neutral Milk Hotel, add a shot of The Hold Steady, and then a drop of Frank Zappa, and you'll have something that tastes a little like DJ For Hire sounds. The song titles alone give you a sense of what to expect with Pensive Purple Porpoises, (Yo Babs) The Hair You Leave In The Shower Drain, Elementary School Rumble, and how about the title of the fifth track My Grandma Hitchhiked In The Sidecar Of A Nazi BMW R-75 Military Motorcycle. And then there's Banana, which is a song about, yes you got it, a banana and it's attributes, including size: "Hell no, I can not swallow you whole." With edgy compositions, powerful vocal delivery, and defiantly sarcastic lyrics, DJ For Hire is a band for the true indie music lover.

Info: DJ For Hire | Connect: MySpace
The Nyquist Frequency / Elephant Art

I know I shouldn't judge an album by its cover, but I CAN'T HELP IT! The Nyquist Frequency should win an award for the most mismatched CD cover ever. I was expecting some sort of dance or electronica, so I was surprised by the indie-pop sound. I completely dig Mirrorland, the opening song, with its three distinct sections. It starts with a guitar part that could've been played by Eric Clapton in the 70's, then changes to cerebral indie-pop in the vein of Flotation Toy Warning in the middle, and it closes with something reminiscent of Kula Shaker. Rich composition, indie vocals, mixed with classic rock style guitar parts make this a fairly unique and interesting ride.

Info: The Nyquist Frequency | Connect: MySpace
Peeler / Evils Of The Modern Pleasure Dance

Craig Peeling is Peeler - singer, songwriter, and producer. Although I find some portions of the alt-metal music on this CD a little bland, it didn't stop me from listening to the whole thing start to finish. Most of it is interesting enough, but the real reason I kept listening was for the album's one true asset: Craig's brilliant vocals. His style is like a mix of Ian Astbury (The Cult), Dallas Green (Alexisonfire, City and Colour), and Kevin Griffen (Better Than Ezra). It's strong first offering, and I suspect with a tour or two behind him, we may see something even better.

Info: Peeler | Connect: MySpace
Perkinswood / Son Of Sparkle

Perkinswood is incredibly unique stuff. The music consists entirely of a multitude of layered guitar parts, and nothing else. No vocals, no percussion, just intricate guitar and the occasional synth, resulting in bizarre dreamscape-style sounds. The compositions manage to convey a number of moods, from the uplifting disposition of the opening song, Ride, to the haunting spirit of Ghost Waltz. In fact, many of the tracks are just plain haunting. Despite the skillful compositions, I find listening to the full album all at once a little too much. Solution: Drop just one or two of your favourites into a playlist, and you'll be happy when they pop up.

Info: Perkinswood | Connect: MySpace

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