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CD Reviews: Pale Young Gentlemen, Paper Lions, THe WitHouTs

05-Nov-2008 09:00 pm Contributed by: pete Music Reviews
Quite a few CDs have passed through my hands since I last published three short reviews earlier this year. (Oh man, I look back and see that was in February! Okay, yes, it's been a while.) More often than not, a CD will get me interested in photographing a band because, after all, it is the photography and live shows that really draw me in. But here are a few more short reviews of submitted CDs that I've decided to add to my permanent collection.

In this volume: Pale Young Gentlemen, Paper Lions, and THe WitHouTs.

Pale Young Gentlemen / Black Forest (Tra La La)

This album is my favourite random submission in a while. The music is generally indie-pop but it is laced with classical string instruments (violin, viola, and cello) that sometimes cause it to flirt with the edge of pretension, but in a way that just feels right, similar to the way the band Flotation Toy Warning makes me feel. Amazing and interesting compositions that can be both rich and sparse when appropriate, slightly odd lyrics, and cool vocals all come together and create something pretty great. The five-star song for me is The Crook Of My Good Arm (available for download below).

Info: Pale Young Gentlemen | Connect: MySpace
Media: The Crook Of My Good Arm (mp3)
Paper Lions / Paper Lions

Extremely clean indie-rock inspired by a variety of classic rock, including The Beatles, Queen, and early Yes, the Paper Lions self-titled album is rich in melody and talent. Smooth vocals mixed with highly skilled instrumentation and changing guitar creates just the right amount of musical tension. Even better is their stage show, which was the big surprise of Virgin Festival 2008 for me.

Info: Paper Lions | Connect: MySpace, Facebook
Media: I'm On Fire (mp3), The Sheriff (mp3)
THe WitHouTs/ THe EP

The candy-coated vocals of Cherise Burda (vocals, guitar) against a power-pop musical backdrop makes this EP produced by local rocker and producer Ian Blurton a fun listen. Something here reminds me of a cleaner version of Dressy Bessy. I can't stop listening to Over The Border with its free-spirited lyrics and super-catchy chorus. See and support them at their CD Release party at Sneaky Dee's on Thursday Nov 13th. (Join the Facebook event).

Info & Connect: THe WitHouTs on MySpace


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