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Quick Shot Reviews: The Decemberists, Amos The Transparent, and The Parlor Mob

08-Mar-2009 03:00 pm Contributed by: pete Music Reviews

I've been looking for a reason to publish a short review on the new EP from Amos The Tranparent and after picking up an album by The Parlor Mob a couple of weeks ago, I had two CDs I felt compelled to write about. And then just earlier this week, I decided to listen to the new album from The Decemberists that was been sitting in my queue, and it ended up being the perfect album to complete a trio of quick shot reviews.

The Decemberists / The Hazards Of Love

Filled with big 70's guitar riffs, The Decemberists new CD The Hazards Of Love is not at all what I expected. The album consists of 17 songs that tell a folk story, and when combined with 70's influenced music we're taken into rock-opera territory. Or perhaps indie-rock-opera. There's a plethora of influences hidden throughout, bits of Pink Floyd are exposed regularly, a taste of Black Sabbath surfaces, and maybe even a touch of... Kansas? Mixed with the alt-folk vocals of front man Colin Meloy, it all comes together surprisingly well, and even though it is probably intended to be listened to from start to finish, there are a number of tracks that won't seem out of place on their own. I won't be surprised to see this album popping up on "Best Of" lists at the end of the year. Release date: March 24th.

Info: The Decemberists | Connect: MySpace, Facebook
Amos The Transparent / My, What Big Teeth You Have...

I've made it no secret that the music of Amos The Transparent clicked for me during their amazing performance during NXNE last year. Since then, they seem to have settled on a band line-up that works really well which means their stage show has remained pretty consistently great. Now this line-up is working together writing songs as a group, and the result is that these five new songs more closely echo their amazing live sound. Best song on the EP for me is Up, Up And Away, a song I'm eager to hear them perform on stage. And the last song Lemons, aka (BigFishLittlePond) has a sweet underlying pop sound that makes it radio friendly.

Info: Amos The Transparent | Connect: MySpace, Facebook
The Parlor Mob / And You Were A Crow

Twelve tracks of hard rock excellence reminiscent of Led Zeppelin mixed with a bit of The White Stripes (as well as a host of other influences) create a full-bodied album that is amazingly listenable from start to finish without getting repetitive. There are a number of highlights to the album, but if you want to know where to start, it's probably best to try out Hard Times just to get a feel for their overall style, but then give Everything You're Breathing For a good listen... it's currently my favourite track on the album.

Info: The Parlor Mob | Connect: MySpace, Facebook
Media: Hard Times (stream), Everything You're Breathing For (stream)


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