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Concert Photos: Sam Roberts

17-Nov-2008 12:00 am Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
Sam Roberts Band
Sam Roberts
The Music Hall in Toronto, Ontario on November 11, 2008
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As far as Canadian rock goes, Sam Roberts is certainly one of the leaders. The band has been nominated for numerous Juno awards and has ended up winning a few, the most recent being for Video Of The Year in 2007. I became a fan the first time I heard Brother Down, and continued to be a fan through their three full-length album releases. This past week, the band played four shows in five days at The Music Hall, a very cool thing to do as compared to booking just one show at a larger venue. I was there for the first show of the four nights, on Tuesday.

Sam Roberts Band  Sam Roberts Band  Sam Roberts Band

Although The Music Hall is a seated venue, people were up and out of their seats starting from the first song. I was only there to photograph the band for the first three songs, but the performance I did see once again affirmed the band's ability to work brilliantly together, with Sam Roberts (vocals, guitar) leading the band with his strong rock presence and Dave Nugent (lead guitar) in a permanent state of guitar ecstasy. I would've loved to have stayed to see the full set, but circumstances were such that I couldn't. However, I saw a few people I knew in the audience, and reports were that the show played out well.

Sam Roberts Band  Sam Roberts Band

The one complaint I heard was that the set didn't include Don't Walk Away Eileen, but as I've learned, the more great material a band has to choose from, the more difficult for them it is for them to pick a set list to please everyone (including themselves). And before the shows even happened, Roberts himself said that the plan was to play a different show each night, so it's possible that song was included another night. As reported in Metro News last week, Roberts stated that a goal was "to go out there, four nights in a row, and not necessarily reinvent the band or reinvent the performance all together, but certainly mix it up enough that it feels like we're playing to that crowd for the first time, and that they’re getting something unique, and not just us rehashing the same thing we did the night before."

Sam Roberts Band  Sam Roberts Band  Sam Roberts Band

Info: Sam Roberts | Connect: MySpace, Facebook
Media: Them Kids (video), Bridge To Nowhere (video)


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