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Sticky Magazine

16-Feb-2010 09:00 pm Contributed by: pete Music News

I've been absent. My last post on here was over three weeks ago now. There's a reason for that, and that reason is that I've been working hard on a new project. I've actually been working on it for many months, but for the past month it has consumed all of my available time. The project is a new online music magazine called Sticky Magazine. It's organized differently than a blog, and has more contributors than just me.

So, what's going to happen to this blog? Well, everything I've published over the past four years will remain here for all to see and read. As for new articles, I'm planning on continuing to blog about my photo shoots, but it won't just be about music. I will include information on other projects, photos I've taken, and possibly other topics as well.

The past four years have been extremely fun, and the connections I've made with promoters, bands, publicists, labels, bloggers, photographers, and readers are what have allowed me to start Sticky Magazine. I really hope you'll bookmark the site, connect with us via Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, and add the feed to your RSS reader, Google Reader, or whatever you use. See you there.

Oh, and you should know that the Sticky Magazine website was developed by, which was a really good experience. For bands, it's pretty important to have a separate web presence other than social networking sites, and can help you get there with ease. Check them out.

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