Still Life Still Celebrate Release of "Girls Come Too" at the Horseshoe Tavern

13-Sep-2009 10:40 pm

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Still Life Still
Still Life Still
The Paint Movement, Dinosaur Bones
Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, Ontario on August 28, 2009
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The night before I found myself at V-Fest for the weekend of August 29th-30th, I went out to the Horseshoe Tavern to help Still Life Still celebrate the release of their debug full-length CD Girls Come Too. Opening the night were two bands I've seen and enjoyed a few times over: The Paint Movement, and Dinosaur Bones.

Still Life Still

I have a copy of the curiously named Girls Come Too (it sounds like a health education lesson at an all-boys school or something) and can't say that it overly excites me, but the thing is that I caught Still Life Still when they opened for the Arkells at the Sound Academy and was pretty impressed with their stage show. Enough that I wanted to make it out to this show and see them once again. The place was packed, most likely sold-out, and up at the front was a small group of female uber-fans screaming, yelling, and wildly shaking their heads and bodies to the music. I stayed up front for four or five songs, but then moved back to provide the fans with some additional space. With the packed house singing along, wild dancing, and even a few recognizable musicians present, the show had all the required attributes of a great CD release party.

Still Life Still  Still Life Still

Still Life Still  Still Life Still  Still Life Still

Still Life Still  Still Life Still  Still Life Still

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The Paint Movement

The last time I saw The Paint Movement it was back in April for their CD release party at the Rivoli. I had a great time that night, and they had lots of friends there, both on and off stage. But, man, something has clicked for this band since April. Their on-stage confidence has increased, as has their energy level. Plus the addition of Dee Planche (backup vocals, tambourine, guitar) doesn't hurt even a little. Although a couple of their songs have the ability to come across mentally soothing, the only one that felt that way this time was Cat's Meow, and it acted as a bit of a breather during the set. Definitely the best set I've seen them play so far.

The Paint Movement  The Paint Movement  The Paint Movement

The Paint Movement  The Paint Movement

The Paint Movement  The Paint Movement  The Paint Movement

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Media: Cat's Meow (mp3)

Dinosaur Bones

I've come to expect lots of photographers when Dinosaur Bones play, and so I wasn't surprised to see a number of cameras up at the stage for their set. I have no idea where all those photos go, but somewhere on the internet there are piles of images of this band. The band did a very decent job opening the night, but I can't say this performance competed with the time I saw them play N.Y.E. at Sneaky Dee's with Hollerado, or even some of their other shows. Good, no doubt, but missing something... perhaps it was just that they weren't playing to a room full of their own fans. They ran through a few of my favorites as well as some new songs. The band is now in the process of recording a full-length album.

Dinosaur Bones  Dinosaur Bones

Dinosaur Bones  Dinosaur Bones  Dinosaur Bones

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