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The Details @ Rivoli, Toronto (Photos and Review)

19-Apr-2009 11:00 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
The Details
The Details
Tele, Oldfolks Home
Rivoli in Toronto, Ontario on April 16, 2009
Full Photo Set (20 photos)

Taking spot #5 in my Top 10 Albums of 2008 was Draw A Distance. Draw A Border., an album by The Details that I also wrote up as Pete's Pick in April 2008. I've been trying to get out to photograph this band for almost exactly one year now; since they're based in Winnipeg, they only play in Toronto every now and then, and those dates just haven't fit in with my schedule yet. This night was hosted by Manitoba Music, and showcased the talents of three Manitoba-based bands: The Details, Tele, and Oldfolks Home - all bands that share home with The Weakerthans and Inward Eye, among others.

The Details

Because this was a showcase and because Draw A Distance. Draw A Border. was released back in 2007, I strongly suspected that The Details would be presenting new material. Even so, I hoped they were going to include a few of my favourites, which got me listening to their album a couple more times in the days before the show.

The Details  The Details  The Details

Once they took the stage, it didn't take long before I realized my suspicions were going to be confirmed. The set was entirely new material, except the last song for which they played the last track on the album, Far Off Places. It's a great song to close out that CD and even though it was a good choice to fit in with their new music, I like at least 5 other songs from that album even more. Out of the new songs, there was one song in particular that really drew me in. I spoke with Keli Martin (bass) after the show and asked about that song so that I could single it out here, and she mentioned that it has changed names a few times, so I guess I'll just have to wait until they release it before I can praise it by name.

The Details  The Details

Last year, The Details played shows in Toronto at the Rancho Relaxo, The Drake, and The Boat. Shaun Gibson (drums) tells me the band will be back in Toronto for NXNE in June, but didn't have any details yet (which is a bit ironic). Hopefully it will fit into my schedule and I can get out to see them again, but if not, maybe at least it will fit into your schedule. This band created an album that I've listened to about 20 times in the past year, so I really hope you'll give them a chance. I've included a link below to the track Underground, but my favourite tracks on Draw A Distance. Draw A Border. are the powerful A National Anthem and the anthemic Hit Parades.

The Details  The Details  The Details

Info: The Details | Connect: MySpace, Facebook
Media: Underground (mp3)


As far as I could tell, the majority of people in the audience were there to hear Tele. Their music sounded influenced by a couple of British bands, including Muse, and front-man Matt Worobec (vocals, guitar) even has a bit of a British look and attitude to his act, and vocals that reminded me of a less eccentric Justin Hawkins (from The Darkness), but still slightly eccentric in his own way. More than a few other photographers showed up to shoot this set, so no doubt that this is a band will be showing up in the media regularly.

Tele  Tele

Tele  Tele  Tele

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Media: Notice (mp3)

Oldfolks Home

Oldfolks Home played as a two-piece band, or a three-piece if you count the PC that produced all the sequenced sounds that formed the backdrop. With a song called I Hate Dell in their repertoire, perhaps it is not unreasonable for me to consider the computer part of the band, but I also have an idea about where Ricardo Lopez (vocals, guitar) won't be shopping in the future. If you're going to Google this band, just a word of warning: Don't indiscriminately click the links unless you're totally cool with grandmommy porn.

Oldfolks Home  Oldfolks Home  Oldfolks Home

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