The Ghost Is Dancing at Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto (Photos)

23-Oct-2009 07:40 pm

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The Ghost Is Dancing
The Ghost Is Dancing
Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, Ontario on October 15, 2009
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After the Silversun Pickups show, I made my way up to the Horseshoe Tavern to catch a local indie rock band called The Ghost Is Dancing. The band has been together over 5 years now, and have released two full-length albums, The Darkest Spark (2007) and Battles On (2009). I hadn't heard either album, but I did see some reviews of The Darkest Spark over a year ago that made some comparisons to other well known Canadian bands with lots of members. But that's not why I went; I went because the band promised that they would wash my bike or hang out with my foreign friend (among many other options) in their Facebook invitation.

The band was already on stage when I arrived, and so I started to make my way up to the front to take a few photos. I ran into someone I knew on the way, so I was only up at the front for a bit before moving back to have some drinks with my friend. We chatted and drank near the bar at the back, and the band sounded great. During a pause, I once again made my way through the tight crowd to take a few more photos and then returned, ending up facing away from the stage. While looking over my shoulder, one of the people I was with said "They're all taking their shirts off", so a couple of us went back up to the front to listen and watch the final number. It was a rich, happy, indie rock composition, complete with horns, but I have no idea what song it was. I just bought The Darkest Spark from in the hopes of finding it, and am now interested in hearing the whole new album too.

The Ghost Is Dancing  The Ghost Is Dancing

The Ghost Is Dancing  The Ghost Is Dancing  The Ghost Is Dancing

The Ghost Is Dancing  The Ghost Is Dancing

The Ghost Is Dancing 

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