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Concert Review: The Midway State

28-Nov-2008 01:00 am Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
The Midway State
The Midway State
Thriving Ivory, Crowned King
Tattoo Rock Parlour in Toronto, Ontario on November 20, 2008
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Although I run into the guys from The Midway State every now and then, I've really only seen them perform once before, on the Saturday Afternoon of Virgin Festival this year. It was memorable, even among all the seriously great sets that were played that weekend, and last week seemed like a good time to get out and see them again. If I was forced to sum up their show in four words or less, I think I would have to go with: Big hair, earnest music.

The Midway State

I think one of the reasons I like going to see The Midway State, aside from the big hair, is the fact that Nathan Ferraro's vocals remind me of Ben Folds, and there's even some similarity in the piano rock music they play. Unlike Ben Folds, however, their lyrics are not heavily laced with sarcasm. In fact, the lyrics I could hear all seemed to be based around love and emotions. Opening the night with the song Fireflies, Nathan crooned to the crowd "Loving you, it burns a million fireflies, it hurts me." I can't say I connect strongly with those lyrics, but I do connect with the passion with which they deliver the material. Their set list contained a good number of songs from their recent release, Holes (2008) , as well as one older song, one song that didn't make the album, and one new song. Yes, all very earnest music, and all delivered with spectacularly big hair. Seriously, though, I do like seeing these guys perform.

The Midway State  The Midway State  The Midway State

The Midway State  The Midway State

The Midway State  The Midway State  The Midway State

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Media: Never Again (video)

Thriving Ivory

Thriving Ivory  Thriving Ivory

Thriving Ivory  Thriving Ivory  Thriving Ivory

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Crowned King

Crowned King  Crowned King  Crowned King

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