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The Parlor Mob @ Tattoo Rock Parlour (Photos and Review)

01-Mar-2009 11:00 am Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
The Parlor Mob
The Parlor Mob
Vacuity, Murder City Sparrows
Tattoo Rock Parlour in Toronto, Ontario on February 25, 2009
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The Parlor Mob is on a short tour, now just about a year after the release of their last album And You Were A Crow on March 11th last year. They stopped in Toronto for two nights, the first night supported by Vacuity and Murder City Sparrows. Even though Vacuity took spot #4 of my Top 10 Albums Of 2008, there often seems to be some sort of conflict when there are here playing in Toronto, so I hadn't been out to see them in a while. I hadn't previously heard anything by The Parlor Mob, but now I know I'll be listening to them much more frequently.

The Parlor Mob

When Wolfmother broke up last year they left a possible hole in my listening habits. Their borderline-amusing, yet excellent, hard rock inspired by Black Sabbath is something that fit into my life every now and then. But if you take away some of Wolfmother's eccentricities, add in another hit of awesome, and adjust the influences slightly, you've got The Parlor Mob. Head shaking, super-loud, and with big compositions, this band is fronted by the incredible vocals of Mark Melicia that revived some strong Led Zeppelin memories in me. Even their set list had a similar cadence to the album Houses Of The Holy, with big rock tunes like Hard Times interspersed with slightly gentler songs such as Everything You Breathed For. But, even so, there are many more influences shining through their original material. If you like a dose of really good hard rock every now and then, I highly recommend buying their album And You Were A Crow. It's probably the best hard rock album I've picked up recently, and fits comfortably next to my Pride Tiger and Wolfmother CDs. Awesome.

The Parlor Mob  The Parlor Mob  The Parlor Mob

The Parlor Mob  The Parlor Mob  The Parlor Mob

Info: The Parlor Mob | Connect: MySpace, Facebook
Media: Listen to And You Were A Crow


There's a reason Vacuity were in my Top 10 last year, and it's because I listen to their album At The Command Of The Blanket Sky all the time. The opening bass line from Tamer Than Anything gets stuck in my head, and the only cure is listening to more Vacuity. They opened the night for The Parlor Mob, and although the fans that arrived early were cautiously standing back, the applause and cheers picked up significantly as they passed through some of their amazing compositions. They showcased some new material that I'm assuming will be released in the near future as part of their Kill The Format project. Greg Osborn (guitar, keyboards) tells me they'll be doing a cross-Canada tour in spring, and then back in Toronto for a show at the El Mocambo on May 23rd. It will be a good night to get out, and since they're offering their music free for download, why not grab the album now, give it a listen, and decide if you should be there. Beckoning is the song that sucked me in, but the whole album grew on me quickly.

Vacuity  Vacuity

Vacuity  Vacuity  Vacuity

Vacuity  Vacuity  Vacuity

Info: Vacuity | Connect: MySpace, Facebook
Media: Beckoning (mp3), At The Command Of The Blanket Sky (download page)

Murder City Sparrows

The Murder City Sparrows were a good choice to open for The Parlor Mob due to some similarities in their style. They pumped out one or two songs that really caught my interest.

Murder City Sparrows  Murder City Sparrows  Murder City Sparrows

Murder City Sparrows  Murder City Sparrows  Murder City Sparrows

Info: Murder City Sparrows | Connect: MySpace, Facebook
Media: My Ride (mp3), Black Hole Betty (mp3)


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