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Concert Review: THe WitHouts

21-Nov-2008 08:00 pm Contributed by: pete Concert Reviews
THe WitHouts THe WitHouts
THe WitHouts
Sleeps Six
Sneaky Dee's in Toronto, Ontario on November 13, 2008
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It's been just a few weeks short of a year since I last saw the local independent band THe WitHouts, and in that time they've written and recorded an EP's worth of tunes. I was told that the EP was recorded in only a single weekend, but it was produced by Ian Blurton (of C'Mon) and mastered by Noah Mintz, so there were some quality people behind the scenes. I've been digging Over The Border, track four of five on the EP, mostly because of the super-catchy chorus... and so I decided to join them at Sneaky Dee's to celebrate the release of the EP.

THe WitHouts

Cherise's stage presence is almost exactly what you might expect from only hearing her voice. When I saw them back in November 2007, I described her vocals as "candy-coated", and I think it's fair to describe her stage presence in the same way. But this isn't typical female singer-songwriter stuff, this is alternative power-pop with more than a few hooks. Cherise claimed to have suffered from laryngitis in the weeks prior to the show, but if she hadn't mentioned it, I wouldn't have been able to tell. The band put on a decent show, working through the material on the EP plus some, with a few moments of fun interaction between Cherise and Kate Harrison (bass).

THe WitHouts  THe WitHouts  THe WitHouts

THe WitHouts  THe WitHouts  THe WitHouts

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Sleeps Six

Sleeps Six  Sleeps Six  Sleeps Six

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